Sex By The Drive-way


Sex By The Drive Way

This evening, the long and lonely road of Gardens estate, leading to the home of Sir & Lady Tobias Matthew, witnessed the magnificent return of their son, Mubi, who was one half of their identical twins, their only children.

Lady Matthew’s joy knew no bound. Her son who has been away in the united states for the last two years for his masters, has just returned home to her.

Even though she has been there numerous times to see him, it wasn’t the same as seeing him, standing before her here, in Nigeria. She couldn’t believe it, he was home. She cupped him up in her loving arms, and infused his system with loving hugs.

The twin brother, younger by five minutes, was happy to see his implied-big brother who has returned home. When they were younger, the title for who was older was a source of constant argument between them. Their father Sir Tobias, in his wisdom, envisioned this petty continuous quarrels, and named the younger Tobias Jnr, after himself.

Tobias Jnr, walked over to where his brother stood, and gave him a very passionate hug, he had missed his partner in mischievousness. Even at 25 years of age, they still had the tendencies, and overwhelming urge to do nasty things.

The next couple of days saw the boys go back to most of what they usually did before Mubi left two years ago. They had two days before they started work on Monday. It was to herald a new phase in both their lives, the day they begin to fend for themselves. Tobias Jnr had been working small jobs, passing time on his father’s money, till his brother returned, so that they could start the new phase together, just as they always have.

If there was another thing they had in common, it was their shared love for the same kind of women. Previously, it used to be a huge cause for quarrel, until they found a way to deal with the situation.

In no time, Mubi found the young girl in the neighbouring house, Patricia, as enticing as his brother had already. She was beautiful, young, and very sexy, their kind of specification. All these features were pointed out by the boys to each other, as their eyes caught sight of Patricia as she passed by their house.

‘Mehhn, that chick is hot’, Mubi said out loud, with his brother laughing in reply. ‘I want her. I want her badly’, he continued, panting about.

They were still deliberating on what to do, when she returned. Mubi followed after her immediately. He wasn’t thinking straight, all on his mind was the taste of a Nigerian woman to dilute two years of white miseries.

Tobias Jnr didn’t fully understand his brother’s need to instantly work out. He didn’t know his brother was in pain. Scars from so many things that had gone wrong within the last two years. So he left him, and went inside their house.

Mubi caught up with Patricia easily, there was no one at the gate. He met her at the drive way, which leads through to the back door into their kitchen.

He tried flattering her with some words, but she didn’t seem to be buying any of it, in fact, she felt irritated at how hard he was trying to make an impression, and dismissed him almost immediately, claiming established acquaintance, and feigning hurry to get back to what she has to do inside.

Mubi grabbed her. Forcefully pinning her on the ground, he desperately tried to have his way with her. Patricia fought back with everything she had, but like the savage animal he portrayed, he had their strength, and she lost to him.

Having his way, he says out loud, ‘I’ve missed this’.

Patricia cries as she defenselessly watches her enemy above her, claim victory for a prize he had no rightful claim to.

Suddenly, blood splattered on her face, accompanying a loud sound courtesy of a gun shot, and Mubi fell down lifelessly on her. She hurriedly rose up to adjust herself, and saw their security man, visibly shaking. He had just taken a man’s life

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  1. What a silly way to die…i must confess i thought this was one of ’em crazy incest stories. I also thought for a moment his brother was the killer.

  2. Good one. Love the twist. Rape is vile and to me punishable by death.

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