Our Love Language

Me: I love you
Him: I love you more
Me: I love you more more
Him: I love you more more more.

Me: Kiss me
Him: Kiss me first
Me: (Sulks) You’re so silly
Him: (Smirks) You’re so naughty.

Me: I want a girl and a boy
Him: I want a boy, a boy and a girl
Me: (Surprised) Why?
Him: (Smiles) So that my boys will protect my girls when i’m not around.
Me: (Laughs) You are not serious
Him: Especially if she turns out to be like you
Me: (Affronted) And what do you mean by that?
Him: (Wary) I mean, if she grows up to be just as beautiful, sexy and smart as you and she will. I want a mini-you
Me: (Pacified) Good save
Him: Our babies will be the best babies in the world.
Me: Slow down! Let me deliver this one first and if it’s as painful as they say, you’ll give birth to the rest
Him: (Winces) I love you, you know
Me: (Smiles) I know and i love you more
Him: I love you more than more
Me: Okay
Him: (Shocked) Okay?!
*Grips him by his shirt front to pull him closer*
Me: (Laughs) I love you more more more

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  1. I’m Queen Cheese
    So I love this
    Thumbs up !

  2. Fantastic and cute.

    I love this too!

  3. I missed the small letter i when I edited. Will try better next time. Thanks for viewing!

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