WOSAN – has any mortal discovered our secret yet? Have you done any carelessness that will cause us any worries cuz Eneri, I am still baffle as to how your maker could be so inept to create you. You have never really accepted this new gift you are born into, you are still in love with your mortal life and for that you are clumsy.

ENERI – you sat there looking like horror of hell and dare call this curse a gift, you are the petty of them all if you beam and claim this dark horror a gift. I didn’t sort for it, I never knew such pathetic and demonic chronic monster we are ever existed. I was brought into this by force; I was dragged into this not by my will but by selfish admiration of me by a demonic lunatic. I was beautiful to him, so he claimed. He told me that it was the glint in my eyes that lured him, all this I found excessively flimsy. And now that I am what I am, even with all the depth I now possessed, all the extension of wealth, sight I now possessed but I still longed to feel the scorch of the sun without being burn to cider, I still want to be recognised by those I called family without being horrific in their sight, I still want to feel the warmth of the skin of a voluptuous human, I want to enjoy the poetry of making love to a wench but the more I discovered with painful realisation that I am now deprived all this abundance, I feel crippled.

WOSAN – the idea of immortality is staggering, am not sure any creature has the stamina for immortality yet. How do you live forever? How do you drift without the caution of time? How do you wander with so much flame? The accumulation of wealth of knowledge? What do you do with all this bliss? Is forever literal or is it just a verbal attestation of our gift or is it just a legend by our first ancestors? Or is it just a repetition of time passing through several eras? I am sorry Eneri that I have no wavering answers for you; I know how you burn with queries.

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