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First of all,introduction!my name is Mamazeus. Now I know the name makes you all raise your brows so I’d take my time to discuss what birthed the choice of the name.
To those it may concern, Zeus is not the Greek god you all are used to but my son. Yes, my son, though not yet born but who is going to contest that with me?
Don’t let my pictures deceive you,I’m everything you ever imagined but do yourself a favour and don’t assume as I’d beat your imagination.
Now Mama is not and has never been pronounced with a British,American or one of those confused accents doctored by Naija errrmmm… As I was saying, it’s pronounced “maaama” with the Igbo-Ngwa accent.
Also,all details on my profile are accurate till the next second.Change they say is constant you know.
At this point,IMG-20150926-WA003_edit_editI’d employ you to not forget to stop reading as I’ve stopped making sense since the first paragraph!

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3 thoughts on “Meet the Newbie – Mamazeus” by Mamazeus (@Mamazeus)

  1. The rule, I believe, is: add a punctuation mark, leave a space, then continue typing e.g.

    * First of all,introduction!my name is Mamazeus.

    It ought to be:

    * First of all, introduction! My name is Mamazeus.

  2. It’s been a long long time since I commented on here(I’ve just been skulking around) but man! I’ll be haunted forever if I don’t comment on this.

    First, you look adorable (I hope I don’t scare off potential wives reading this, haha);

    And second, I stalked your blog for a few minutes- maybe more than a few minutes- and your perky style of writing on your muses is quite interesting. :-)

    One thing though, the blogs aren’t quite sorted; old blogs, new blogs, everything’s just there and grouping them would work to make navigation easier. Just saying.

    And oh, you look adorable… Okay, I said that before :P

  3. Well welcome mamazeus ..odikwa nma? You’ll have fun here if ur consistent. I hardly log in these days tho. In there earlier days we used to battle for who would gather enough points but that don’t happen anymore. welcome nne..

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