Making Love Again



I yearned for you in the middle of the night
I whispered your name to put an end to this fight
I reached out my arms thinking you were near my heart
I figured out a plan to wipe off my tears whenever we’re hurt
So I wrote a Love note with an ink from my heart

I shut down my eyes to see love in the air
I opened up my heart to have more to lend
I listened up to receive all I could bare
I figured out we are in love once again

We’re in love again
We’re making love once again
We ‘re not failing never again
We’re both making Love once again

3 thoughts on “Making Love Again” by Funmi Fasipe (@Funmilolafash)

  1. Affairs of the heart carefully launched.great work.

  2. beautiful….you wrote this quite well…
    Well done

  3. I love d pattern of ur work, its lovely

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