Love Unending ( episode 2)

Dishing the yam and egg sauce, I picked up my phone and carried the food into my living/dining room,I went back to get juice and water again and settled in to continue with the movie and at the same fill my tummy. Two hours later, I was done, with the movie and food. I was going Into my room to arrange my room closet when I remembered I hadn’t called her back like I said I would. Putting my phone on speaker after dialing her number to enable me go on with my chore, wondering when my wardrobe becme such a scattered mess after making a promise to myself two weeks ago that I would keep it well arranged considering the amount of time I spent …
“helllooooo!!” came from the phone. Shit! “Tomi, i’m sorry, I was thinking when my closet became such a mess”
“are you seriously asking that question, you are trolling right?” was her response to my rambling” “ you cant keep anything in proper order for more than forty eight hours even to save your life”
“alright, I agree, I know, miss reminder. So you were saying something bout the party being simple without being boring and fun without being too trashy, pray tell madam, how you hope to achieve that”
“well, you know my sweethear wants me to do whatever I want, to whatever length I wanna go and being the sweet charming…” while she got started on the many good qualities of her fiancé, I started folding up the the clothes and placing them according to how frequently I wear them.
“are you there? Lewa?” Not again!, I was getting too distracted,knowing Tomi, she would start asking questions I just wasn’t ready to even think about
“yea, im here. Stuck my head in the closet for a second. You want my take on this or not?”I said
“duh, ofcourse, you are my bestfriend and you keep in check when I start going gaga, oya lets hear it Mother”
“well, I’d say it should be a party of say about 50 people yu really want there… your friends, his friends and probably a colleague or two, that should do it”. I start hanging my shirts and placing them according to their colur
“ok,I have an incoming call, lets conclude this later in the day, I’ll call you, take care babes.

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