Love – The poem

Many call it a feeling

That emanates from the heart;

Sigh! That organ was designed for blood pumping,

To keep one alive on mother earth.


Some claim actions really prove it,

Forgetting pretense is the order of the day;

A little elegushi & KFC, and you flow with the beat,

And then your heart flattens like sheep hay.


A feeling which could make you soar,

High or low and downcast,

Proud and boastful as a lion’s roar,

Or mega sober as a runner that came last.


Kola’s candid advice goes thus:

Take a day as it comes, with little expectations;

Love with your head as true love comes not by force,

Put yourself first, it brings satisfaction.


For this feeling we call love,

Goes way beyond what we see;

Just like hands conceived in a glove,

You get trapped, and might be hard to set yourself free.


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