If Love Were Human

As I lay on my couch wondering what she would look like,
Then it struck me.
She would be a shinning essence.
A magnificent beauty she’ll be, hmmm, “Her Royal gorgeousness”
She would have been idolized even while alive.
She would be made a goddess.
What she would have in her vibrant skin, spotless,
She wouldn’t lack in her warm and gentle character, blameless.
She would be cherished for her “leader-bility”.
She would be beacon of hope for the weak and powerless,
A shinning light in darkness.
She would instill courage in everyone that finds her,
She would lead and protect and guide all of humanity.

But as complaint lives,
For her interest in deep Relationships people would hate her,
For she would take extreme decisions to protect whoever to her is dear.
People would call her soft hearted and weak
In fact they’ll call her an embodiment of foolishness.
Forgetting it was by her precepts they were led,
They would mistake her selflessness for lust’s selfishness.

Even as this complains rage on,
Many others will accept her and then abuse her.
This one’s will be reckless and blame their –
Failures on principles that guide her.
Ah! Love, “Her Royal Gorgeousness”
She would have been created from glowing dust
Unlike man’s dirty form, earthly dust.
Love, as beautiful as she would be
Would be trampled upon, insulted and abused.
They would even file a lawsuit against her
And for life they would jall her.

Only a select few would still follow her precepts
Having good judgment, taking caring and careful steps
Who would be leaders and have peolpe follow their own footsteps.

Hmmm Love,
These and more go on while she is yet a concept in man.

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