How  I Wished I Have The Opportunity Once Again

How I Wished I Have The Opportunity Once Again

Many years ago I had an unsavory experience of salvation, and I attended Christian Faith and Fellowship mission, in which I could no longer forbear of going to the church due to my grandmother that kicked the bucket, and this issue led me into a dog life, and I was in a dilemma condition, but when my mother told me that we are going to leave the church due to some circumstances, and I was happy to hear that statement.
On the next following Sunday when the issue had surpassed by, then Mum and I went to another church named Christ the Foundation Rock Ministry where I was made an usher, but unfortunately, I was perplexed whenever I perceived the choir by sight then I always feel agitated in joining the choir group, Otherwise I was not saved, but anytime I think about this issue of salvation, it always seems as if the holy spirit conjure through my heart, but instead of me to accept his will then I rather insist and overwhelmed and started thinking about the work I did as an usher, and I would start differentiating the church member and myself thinking that if I accept or listen to the voice of the holyspirit, won’t I be ashamed?
But the discrepancy between the formal church and the present church had performed an eminence in my life in such a way I cannot contradict, peradventure, I always count myself unworthy due to the absence of the holy spirit in me and now that I attended one of the most vital church in Lagos called DEEPER LIFE BIBLE CHURCH where I listen to the vividly and pure word of God and I felt grieved in thinking that Ah, I wished I have the opportunity once again.

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