Echoes From The Past #7

Echoes From The Past 7

Janet walked into Mrs Delia’s office. She inquired about Genesis. She had left home early to meet up her duties in the company. She was given a list which was due in three weeks. It meant spending money she didn’t have. She blew out a breath in exasperation.

She eased her weight into a chair opposite her. Her daughter wasn’t in an expensive school but the weekly list of things to provide is more expensive than actual expensive school. ‘Schools are free loaders, they’re money suckers. Their demands are much more than a nagging boss.’ She thought. She sighed deeply.

“You will be fine Janet. You can take an advance, I will sort it out”

“How long will you keep sorting me out financially?”

“I’m not having this conversation. When Genesis’s mother is stabilized, she knows where to find me” Mrs Delia said focusing on her system.

“Thanks but her school demands are more than a nagging boss” she shifted her gaze from the system to her. She had a grin, a big grin splitting her face in halves but was immediately replaced with a stern look.

“Genesis wants you at lunch time and her school is organizing a creative fun workshop. I went last time”

“She haven’t gotten that one thing that screams; mom I am happy, don’t worry about me because I will be fine in three years or more”

“It doesn’t yell all that but she’s improving so much. She will get her thing that makes her enthusiastic, give it time”

“Scrabble, puzzles, craving, sports, spellings still nothing….I tutored her on guitar lessons but I keep getting the blank stare”

“Guitar is her lullaby. It puts her to sleep. You were not supposed to tutor her on how to play the instrument” Mrs Delia rebuffed her. She clamped her face and made guttural sounds. She quickly added redirecting the conservation.

“I almost forgot….you are yet to give me all the juicy details of how the party went, remember you came in a little late”

“It’s weird when you say it with so much elation, enthusiasm and facial contortion” she said sitting upright.

“This old lady can make do with new generation juicy stuff”

“It’s disgusting.” She retorted.

“Only the decent detail will do” she said beaming.

She got a glimpse of a pregnant woman walking into the lobby with bags through the office glass wall. She excused herself and went to the help her. “Let me help you with those” she said taking the bags with a smile. They both stepped in the elevator.

“First time?” Janet asked. She was confused at her question but soon catches on. She nodded smiling.

“Is it obvious?” She asked with a frown.

“New moms tend to have the look. The one that says; I’m scared but excited, I’m happy but lost, I’m pregnant, it’s amazing. The sun has set on me with the cycle of life and your killer heels proves it”

The pregnant woman laughed. She tried looking at her ‘killer heel’ but her protruding mid section won’t let her.

“I brought emergency flats and I don’t have the look with all those details. Maybe a few of them. Children?”

“No, just one. She’s four” she was gobsmacked.

“You don’t have the post pregnancy body, you’re a hot mom” Janet blushed.

The elevator stopped and opened. She dropped the bags on the nearest table and was about leaving when she offered her lunch and to walk her through her pregnancy since her mom left for urgent work few days ago. Her phone rang before she could answer. She nodded and left. Genesis’s teacher had called to reminder her of her daughter’s lunch.

She said a quick goodbye to Mrs Delia and walked hastily towards the lobby but collided with someone. She apologized picking up the shattered files and papers the collision sent littering. She stood up and met Shawn. He’s obviously amused but it wasn’t hers to probe.

“I’m sorry” she apologized handing him his file.

“We met at the party. You work here?” He asked intrigued. He thought he would have to search the universe to find her.

“I have to go” she said having a peak at her watch.

“Your department…..” She walked away. He caught up with her at the door. “I didn’t get your name”

“I never said it” she opened the door and walked out. Shawn watched her leave.

She got to the school and searched for her daughter. She sat at the less crowed region of the playground. It wasn’t a surprise, she obviously need alone time away from the other squeaky children.

“Genesis…” Janet called sitting besides her on the playground but there was no response. There are times she wonder what’s going on in her head but there’s no response. She doubt she hears and understand anything spoken to her.

Genesis caught a glimpse of her as she picked at her fingernails. She brought out her lunch Mrs Delia had left earlier. She watched her eat her food at a slow pace, after the long wait she done.

“Mommy, will you come for work shop?” She asked with glittering eyes suddenly cheerful. She cleaned her mouth and nodded. She spoke animatedly about the preparation for the workshop as they walked to her class holding hands. Janet met her teacher at the door, she hurriedly went to her seat. She told her Genesis socializes but at times she withdraws and stay in solitary. She understood it. She often stay in solitary at home, it reminded her of when she was a child. She was like her daughter.

“The other day, a boy was weeping, Genesis wiped his tears with a tissue and hugged him. I was stunned”

“She’s a unique child. She can have the deafening scary silence thing but she is jovial. She understands the need of alone time”

“Janet, we need volunteers for the creative workshop and it would expose them to the responsibility angle”

“Are you telling Genesis’s mother to volunteer because she’s your favorite pupil?” She asked with a mock stern glare. She nodded.

“Teachers are not allowed to be partial” she replied feigning a stern facial expression.

“I will work out my schedule and get back to you”


Shawn met a furious Amara in his office. His secretary didn’t deem it fit to notify him of his furious sister. She nagged about having to carry back scorching heavy bags of food. After nagging she scolded him. Shawn pointed her heels intact after dealing with heavy back scorching bags. She snorted.

“None of your employees came to my rescue expect a god sent rescuer kind enough to help me with the bags.”

“You invited her for lunch but forgot to ask her name, contact information and her department in the company”

“I can’t remember a thing with all these hormones acting up”

Yoma his secretary couldn’t suppress her laughter any longer. Shawn and Amara tilted their heads in her direction. She abruptly stopped laughing.

“I will tell Mrs Delia to help me find her” she said raising to her feet.

“Don’t accept help from strangers. It can prove to be fatal”

“Accepting help from strangers is better than waiting on you. When you start being responsible and present, I won’t get to wait on strangers” she said at the door. He sighed and returned to work.


“Shawn told me to wait for an emergency meeting, you have to pick up Genesis from school. I don’t like the idea of a school bus”

“Teachers accompany the school bus to ensure the children are drop at home not at an unknown destination”

Mrs Delia gave her a stern look. She sighed.

“Emergency meeting regarding financial disbursement?” She asked suddenly worried. Mrs Delia handles the financial disbursement in the company and other minor duties.

“I will find out at the meeting. Go home to your daughter, I will call to update you” she nodded and left.

She heard someone walking hastily behind her as she left the company premises. She dismissed negative thoughts and kept walking. The person soon caught up with her and held her arm. She turned and saw her boss Shawn.

“Are you stalking me?” She asked releasing her arm from his grip.

“No. You were in a haste when we met earlier”

“Incidental collision” she opined in.

“Fate is all about incidental collision”

“I have to go” she said stealing a glance at her watch.

“Life isn’t meant to be lived in a haste”

“I know right! I still have to go”

“Someone special?” He asked grinning like a little boy.

“Someone very special, I am completely in love.”

“Thanks for sharing” she nodded with a smug. He moved closer to her, their breathes pelting simultaneously. They held each other’s gaze.

“Please stop running away from me” he pleaded still locking eyes with her. She lost track of time staring into his eyes, she eventually snapped and realized Genesis was waiting for her. She walked away.

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