Chibok: What if?




Raising up banners
Crying all around
Nagging every time
Blaming some group of men
Calling out their names
Reminding ourselves
Designing more shirts
Selecting out Days
In search of me

What if I was the only one remaining out of the girls out there for over one year?
What if I’m just the only one left on the run,
Running to save my life?
What if this is the only place I can get a solution to myself?
What if I’m the only one thats looking for me?
I know my parents are crying every day looking out for me.
I’m the only one out here that can see me.
I’m the only one that can make it out there.
I’m the only one that can save myself.
I’m just the only one here looking for me.

Just in a cold night,
I found myself on the run.
Running for my dear life,
Running for me.
Nobody knows why I’m running,
Nobody knows my pain.
I can’t be killed by these men.
I see them killing the other girls everyday.
I see them flaming up fire every time.
I’m just here watching.
No one has found me.
Not even them.
Not even me.
I’m lost!

Is anybody out there looking out for me?
All you just need to do is see what I’m seeing to be able to save me.
I’m stucked here!
I don’t want to be killed.
I don’t want to be gone.
I just want to be out of here.

But nobody can find me.
No one except me is looking for me.
No one except me can find me.
I don’t know where on earth I am.
I don’t know how on earth I got here.
I’ll keep running,
I’ll keep hoping,
That someday I’ll get to see my parent.
I’ll keep living
Knowing that someday I’ll be able to go to my root.

Is anyone questioning how I’m surviving?
Is anyone wondering how I sleep?
Is anyone imagining what i see?
Is anyone thinking how I’m safe?
Does anyone still remember my name?
Is anyone thinking about what I can do?
Is any one taking a step closer to where I am?

What if I was a girl in that forest
Running for my dear life every minute
What if I was a girl in that forest with only one hope every morning when I see the light
What if I am the only girl remaining to tell this story

What if….
Can anyone imagine

These girls could be me
But they are not me
They have their thoughts
Their experience
Their hope
Their belief
Their faith
Their drive
Their dream
Their future
Their weaknesses
Their story
They could be me

To every woman
What if you have a daughter out there on the run
What if you have some daughters out there unsafe
What if you are not sure if you’ll ever get to see them again
What if you have daughter out there
On the run…

What would you do?
Sit here to question if it was real or not?
Cry all around with new branded shirts?
Would you ever think of solutions?
Would you ever draw up a strategy?
Would you ever volunteer to go into the forest to search for them?
Would you ever be strong to fight this battle with the terrorist?
Would you ever ?
What if….


One thought on “Chibok: What if?” by Funmi Fasipe (@Funmilolafash)

  1. Oluwaseun Ojegoke (@ojestar)

    Hmmm….What if?

    A food for thought, we can only imagine.

    Only God can see the travails of these girls and only Him can see them through, as all human efforts no matter how much intense are limited.

    @funmilolafash Well done.

    Keep writing!

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