Bleedin’ Louboutin – Part 9

Yet each man kills the thing he loves
By each let this be heard
Some do it with a bitter look
Some with a flattering word
The coward does it with a kiss
The brave man with a sword

“Good morning” I greeted them all, staring pointedly at my mum.

“Oh.. er Simi ” Mum stuttered, blinking furiously. Ive never seen her so out of composure so i asked again

“Am I interrupting anything?” I was trying hard to keep my cool but i knew for sure my face betrayed my feelings

“Well, we didnt know you were in already. Its just this urgent issue we need to sort out. We should go to your office” Diddy answered me this time. He tried to sound so casual, but it just didnt suit him at all. Barrister just focused on the documents in front of him as if they would give me the answers I was looking for.

“Oh. She knew, we left home together” I said then laughed. I looked at the papers in my hands and just shook my head.

“Are we doctoring our finances now?” I asked point blank. I was met by an awkward silence which further aggravated me. What I found most irritating was that Diddy was in an inner caucus with my mum, and i was the figurehead director in my dads company.

“You can sign these yourself!” I said, handing the papers to my mum and walking out.

I was baffled. For way too long I had been kept out of the loop of things. I was the director but mum the actual madam. I didnt mind. This wasnt a power tussle. I just wanted to know what was going on.

At least I had Mr Zikora Ndiche and if I could look past his odd colored tie, he was actually a genius. After our long meeting with the foreign investors I began considering transferring Dennis to his office. He could learn a thing or two on Chemical Engineering before returning to school.

“Ma’am” Dennis waved bringing me back. Apparently, i had been in a deep thought for a while.

“Yeah boy, what do you want?” I said then nearly regretted it immediately. He had on that corny smile and held in his hands one of those glossy A5 papers.

“Church program?” I asked
“Yes ma’am. But not just anyone. This one is special and I will be performing with my drama troupe” he said.

I just stared at him. So much innocence, so much expectations.

“Okay, I will try and make it” I said half heartedly, sorting through my desk which was actually perfectly organised already.

“Its tonight. You already promised you would come” He sounded so disappointed I felt terrible. Theres no way i would attend one of those shindigs.

“I made no such promise”

“You said you would try. Please” he was so persistent, so I ignored him. He understood the gesture, and walked back to his work station cum entertainment centre. Before he left, he dropped his glossy paper on my table and said

“Directions. Just incase”

“Yeah right ” I said to him, cross checking some work i just pulled up from the office database.

Mum walked in. I didnt look up to acknowledge her but i could smell her just as well.

“What was that drama?” She queried, claiming the chair in front of me and sending Dennis out of the office.

“Drama?” I said finally staring up at her.

“Mum. I dont know what is going on. This is not the first time I’m seeing such irregularities” I was frustrated. I wanted to say much more… but she wouldnt let me.

“Would you just let me speak?” she snapped at me

“No! You would have spoken many weeks ago. What are you guys up to? Are we committing fraud now?” I asked helplessly

“FRAUD? Would you just calm down?” she said

“Im calm. But I’m not laying my signature on any papers! This is not the first time I’m seeing so many irregularities. Boosting figures, false claims, Secret meetings, WHAT ARE WE RUNNING HERE? ” I rose to leave and she stopped me.

“The only reason I didnt tell you was because of your hot headedness. Theres no secret. Its the normal way the business has always been run ” She explained

“Run? since when? Because im sure my dad would never commit fraud!”

“Oh so mum is the fraud? listen, theres no fraud. You dont even know whats going on. You dont even know what we were talking about. You know what, we will talk about this at home” She said, and got up to leave.

“Yeah right. ” I muttered underneath my breath.
I am going anywhere but home tonight. Just then, Dennis walked in giving me a bright idea.

Toni was in Denmark, and she would be there for two more weeks. Lodging in an hotel would be so lonely and just as bad as staying at home except i wouldnt have mum barging in on me.

I could go for something that takes my mind off things.

“What time is that your program again? ” I asked Dennis and his face lit up.

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