Bleedin Louboutin – Part 8

Those who hang in corridors are going nowhere, coming from nowhere.

Its been near a month since I had my encounter with Diddy. Everyday I drove into the parking garage at work and I think to myself, maybe today I’ll get a chance to speak with him. My hair was always laid like blessings and glory, and I took extra care to dress myself to the hilt, businesswoman style. Yet, everyday, I left work thinking I’ll get a chance the next day.

I made all excuses in the books but he avoided me like a plague. Whenever I sent for him over an urgent business matter, he face times me with concise straightforward answers.

There were no unnecessary smiles… No dimples.

His office, which used to be the Conference room 2 was only two offices from mine. I couldn’t go to see him so I also acted like I had filed him away in a “do not open” folder. I was going out of my mind.

“Good morning” Tonia hollered from the end of the hall. Ever since our legal department grew twice its size, there has been a lot of hollering in hallways.

I waved in response, and opened my office.
Dennis had resumed already and busy with his World of War craft or whatever role playing game he was into nowadays.

Dennis was my newly employed assistant. He was a Chemical Engineering student having his mandatory one year industrial attachment with us.

He adapted to me almost immediately and with him around, I was sure things would get done just the way I wanted. Most importantly, my table was never cluttered.

The only thing I disliked about Dennis were his fliers. There was always a power packed program in his church that he was sure would do me some spiritual good.

“Morning madam” he said as he sprung up from the comfortable sofa that had soon become his favorite spot in my office.

My office was on the 14th floor overlooking the bay, and you could see The third mainland bridge. The vast curtain walling gave us a clear view of the Lagos metropolis, and the rising and falling ocean waves.
The sight of the vehicles heading towards the mainland was not as beautiful. They were stuck in a terrible traffic as usual. Our floor was blissfully high enough and my office sealed off from surround sound so I couldn’t hear the furious honking of horns and terrifying spitting matches that would be going on down there. I was thankful for that peace of mind, and for the fact that I never had any need to face that road rage.
Dennis wasn’t sitting there for the view, he was there for the strong WiFi reception he could get on his laptop.

“Morning Dennis, what do we have today?” I said, walking towards my table and placing my purse just beside me as I settled into my chair.

“You have these to sign” he placed the papers on my table. They were the field documents I amended the day before.

“Skype meeting with Harriburton from East London, by 10:00am, a presentation meeting with the general board, and madam needs you to sign this, and this.” He finished.

Mum was the madam. She was the chairman appointed by the Servace-Patreco group and I was the director but she was just as involved in everything, its hard to know my place.

I asked Dennis to remind me of the 10:00am meeting by 9:45, and to inform Mr Ndiche we were speaking with the foreign clients together.

I looked through the ammendments I made to the field documents and realised it was flawed majorly. Right from page one, everything was reverted to the way it was initially. Barrel production claim was doubled, field tickets and the receipts submitted didn’t match. I wasn’t even supposed to see the field tickets myself. It just came to my office by mistake.

I picked up the phone, and punched in Zikoras office. I got the secretary.

Zikora came in before I dropped the phone

“Good morning. That was awful fast” I said

“Good morning. What do you mean?”

” Never mind” I replied. Apparently, Zikora wasn’t in his office as his secretary had claimed.

“Please what’s this travesty? I made comments on the previous documents your department asked me to sign. I see nothing was done.” I said calmly

“I noticed those too before bringing them to you. But Barrister asked me to leave it that way” he explained confidently.
“I’m sorry what?” I couldn’t imagine his stupidity. When. did the legal department control Oil and resource?

“Madams orders” he said.
“Okay”. I replied calmly and told him to get ready for our meeting by 9:15am.

I had already left my office and was going straight to the barristers office before I realised Zikora probably had something to tell me, that made him come to see me.

Not that I couldn’t send for the barrister, but the man reminds me he isn’t my mate by keeping me waiting whenever I sent for him.

This was too urgent.

The adjustments being reverted on the documents were an aggressive message from probably my mum and I needed to make my feelings known.

I got to the barristers office and found him chin up, in a heated discussion with the two of them. It was the in house meeting of all in house meetings between the barrister, my mum, and Diddy.

They all fell silent when I walked in and shut the door.

“Am I interrupting anything?”

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