Bleedin’ Louboutin – Part 10

I like it when you sleep
You are so beautiful
Yet so unaware

I started regretting my choice to go to church, the moment we nosed in on the bumper of the ash colored Toyota avensis in front of us. Dennis was beaming from ear to ear, practically jumping for joy. He kept pointing out how everyone drove carefully around us.

“Nobody wants to graze a mercedes G-Class” he said and I just shook my head. He was acting as if he had never been in a G Class Suv. Who hasn’t?

The church was only a little ways down the Herbert Macaulay road, but we wasted 40 minutes meandering till I started getting upset again. I just kept wondering. Would there be an Usher at the entrance, offering me her napkin to cover my hair? I hope not, because she would get it all. Church reminded me of that sunday school teacher who would smack anyone who’s hair dared to peek out of their beret.

I had not been to church in a long time, but church was a lot different from what it used to be. Even the usher had her bouncy bohemian curls shining from the freshly applied alma oil.

People seemed overly excited to see one another, and it was amazing to see Dennis completely transformed from a demure wi-fi hogging office assistant, to a bold faced drama co-ordinator.
We were many minutes early , so I just sat in a corner, watching Dennis correct his team members for one thing or the other. He was such a strict and finicky leader. I watched him send someone back home, for wearing a lavender colored shirt instead of pink. Then he walked up to me and asked nicely, if I would like a drink.

Every time I started wondering if I had made a wrong choice coming to church, my phone would buzz frantically. Mum. It was the first taste of sweet sweet victory, however small. With Tomi out of town, there was nobody else who pushed me out of the house. Mum would be all bent out of shape, wondering where I had been.

The service was just the same as I remembered. I guess just as much as church changed, church remained the same. We sang, we listened to the preacher’s effusive sermon. We screamed on top of our lungs in prayer(At least many people did), then Dennis and his troupe entertained the congregation and we all gratefully danced and paid the offerings.
I was already itching to leave by the time announcements were being called out over the public adress system, and I didnt budge when the pastor came back and called for first timers despite Dennis urging me to stand up.

We said the grace, and I left Dennis behind with a “see you at work”, and hurried off to my car, wondering if I should call the front desk at 4-Squared hotels to order dinner or just ask them to get my room ready.

“Hello” He said, emerging from the dark like a marauder in black and white movies.

“What do you wish to steal sir?” I said, stopping in my tracks, while reaching for my car keys.

“Wow.” He said. He was obviously attempting to compose a witty response, but he was falling short.

“Listen. Please step away from my car, I have a place to be.” Not after all my pent up anger from work. I was in no state to stand for this.

“I was only hoping we could chat” He said. He was so nervous. If I didn’t know him, I would say he was someone who had been beaten down by life. His shirt edges were frayed. I hate frayed edges.

“Well, you already did.” I snapped, waiting for him to step away from the car so I could get in.

“Listen Simi, I –”

“Please.” I cut him short, and motioned for him to step away from the car door. Thankfully, he did. I jumped into my car, and before I slammed the door to zoom off, he told me.

“If you can still log in. Check the students scholarship accounts.”

I watched him walk away and muttered to myself “How rude!”

He had just robbed me the joy of zooming off on him. That would have been the icing on my cupcake of 21 missed calls.
But Jide was the king of one minute elevator pitches. He had definitely left me curious. What business did I have with the scholarship accounts in Dalhousie University?

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