“Life, in its very natural form, sometimes so unpredictable, unfathomable, formless and even lifeless! All life’s feelings; happiness, excitement, Eye sores, violence, embarrassment and all other man’s feelings are nothing more than the way the subject and receiver perceive them. If only we interpreted everything differently – positively!”  – Me, January 7, 2022 Today, the … Continue reading Conception

Synw Coordinators For Read Across Nigeria

Synw Coordinators For Read Across Nigeria

SYNW COORDINATORS FOR READ ACROSS NIGERIA If you are interested in taking part in our forthcoming Read Across Nigeria project (readings in honor of Dr. Wale Okediran – former ANA National Secretary and President) please kindly contact your state coordinator from the under listed number for the date, time and venue in your state. Thanks. … Continue reading Synw Coordinators For Read Across Nigeria

Black Bird – Chapter One(c)

Fainting at awkward moments was quick becoming my reputation in the village. And after three years of living with Iya Elewe, I started considering going back to my father because people would whisper when I pass by. Some think I’m a witch. Others try hard not to offend me, and some called me Omo omi. … Continue reading Black Bird – Chapter One(c)

Forbidden Love (episode 15)

If you haven’t read the previous episode, please click episode 14 As the doctor said I wasn’t pregnant, I opened my eyes in shock and then sighed in relief. I wanted to express how happy I was but not in front of the men with me. I looked at uncle Sam who looked like he had … Continue reading Forbidden Love (episode 15)

Episode 11: Falling in Love With My Best Friend

    READ EPISODES 1 – 10 Episode 11: Frying Pan to Fire   There was no chatting, no gisting, no words. We understood the silence, that even though words did not pass between us, we were saving them for later, when they would flow in abundance. The fuel scarcity had already ended, but unfortunately, … Continue reading Episode 11: Falling in Love With My Best Friend