Will I Be Great?

Will I Be Great?

Will I be great? The answer to that question is…I don’t know. And I think the right question is: will I be happy? I do not know either. What do I know right now? That I am not happy right now. Obviously, or I wouldn’t be wondering if I would be happy. You see, truly happy people are too busy being happy to wonder If they will be happy. Which brings us back to the original question; will I be great?

It seems being great is tied to happiness or fulfillment I could say but happiness seems more fitting a word so for for the sake of this discuss I will use happiness. Its a word more pleasing to the ear and finer to the mind. But that’s the thing. Its a mind thing, happiness. Happiness/fulfilment seems to be the most important thing in the life of a man. We spend our whole lives chasing it from hither to thither. But the only reason being great matters is because we think its tied to happiness. Being great will make me happy, or it would be worthless. Now the only reason being great is tied to my happiness is because I think it is. So the principal thing is my mindset. But how do I reorient my mindset? how do I make myself think the things I have matter and are enough and are the determinants for happiness and fulfillment.

I had a friend who once loved a girl and he convinced himself she was a determinant for his happiness. So long as she was there, no matter what happened he was happy. But she didn’t love him. That’s a fact….as much a fact as the combination of the letters F, A, C and T. And its hard to maintain love when its not returned. So he had to let that illusion go. How can we programme ourselves that way? The way we love, if we figure how to make ourselves develop that level of devotion to everything else and if we can exercise it at will is the secret to ‘tweaking’ the human person. Its the secret to being successful and being happy. Christendom has it ‘God is love’ and can create love, thus an ability to confer happiness/success/fulfillment. Following along that theology, we are made in his image. Do we all not then have the capacity to love, be great?

But is love success? Love is happiness and I think we can agree that success is happiness or can a man be successful and not happy? And thus by extension love is involuntary success. But how can we effect a voluntary success, activatable by will ’cause love is not so…activatable by will. It appears that the answer is one we cannot have and finding success remains a thing like love…findable through chance, grace, rare luck and in rare times by effort. Will I continue to seek them, love and happiness? Perhaps. Will I be great? That is a question I cannot answer. I hope I will. I hope I do become so.

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