Vile Desires


Cool breeze sipping through the cracks in the window
The whistling sound of wind hitting hard on glass
And yet, the temperature in here could have been 95 F

It’s the evil you bear that I seek
The sexual pleasures you conceal
So tonight am all yours to do as you please
the feast you’ve waited long enough to devour
The demon in you I want to unleash
So don’t go slow, don’t come up for air, don’t stop

I relish the way you stroke the back of my neck as you suck at my nipples
And the way you trail your long perfect fingers down my abdomen to the center of my tights
The way you pause and taunt me before your fingers finally make their way to finding the perfect spot
Oh then when your mouth takes over, and your tongue works it magic
It makes me bite hard into my already sore lips
I cant hold it in any longer and so I spread all over you
You grin… Its your turn

I pull your face to meet mine, I tug at your lips and I push you against the bed
My demons are not a match for yours but they do the job just fine
Nails burrowed into your skin, peeling as I move my fingers up and down
The pain brings you pleasure
I take you into my mouth, lock my lips and I graze you softly with my teeth
The sound of you wincing turns me on
I proceed to working you back and forth, gently squeezing
I could feel your blood boil against my bare skin
You love the way I nibble at the tip, it makes you gasp every time
And just when am about to finish.., you yank me up and am on my back again

The room goes still and everything stopped
You stare down at me and our demons lock eyes and smile
You kiss me so passionately and in that moment when am still taking it all in
You thrust yourself deep and hard into me
The blood in my veins drain to my feet leaving me frail
And I open up to you like a flower in full bloom

You start out slow, then you pick up speed working every inch of me
Mouths wide open panting, moaning, gasping for whatever air was left
Blood trickle down your back from marks left by my fingers
You mumble my name and I instantly feel you release your soul into me
We both let out quiet exhales and you kiss me long and hard
You pull out of me gently and fall next to me
On sheets soaked with sweat
I curl up against you and you wrap your arms around me
we listen to the rain droplets that had started to form
And slowly drift into sweet slumber…

3 thoughts on “Vile Desires” by Miss.FiyinYL (@Miss.FiyinYL)

  1. This is a deep one, lol. Very very deep.
    Keep writing.

  2. @dominique Very deep. I will, Thank you. I should try subtle next.

  3. I’m struggling to believe that this is a poem because it just read like erotic fiction.
    Maybe its because its too simple and not intricately written with the depth that’s familair to poetry; it just describes the act of coitus in simple act of sexual intercourse rather than an art form.

    I think it would have been better as part of a narrative rather than presented as a poem.

    However, I like the fact that you are vividly descriptive. It would be good if that is applied to building the body of a whole story.

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