The Penitent Prostitute

She once stood at the junction of decision
Sampling her structure to cause a centre for attraction.
Waiting for men who’ve lost their direction
For she led the way to destruction.

She called it not prostitution
Neither will she say it’s fornication.
But rather she’ll say it’s an occupation
That gave customers their desired satisfaction.

Her boundary was without demarcation
That’s why she welcomed her visitors without segregation.
She showed her love without affection
And her pay she made no rejection.

From her carnal conversation,
she establishes a conjugation
which was actually an activation
that led to complicated condemnation.

If she dared go on a vacation
She said she was only knocking on the door of starvation.
So, she had no permanent location
And can go on without a time duration.

Many she lured regretted their actions
And sorted various solutions
To blindfold them from her alluring admiration
But couldn’t deny themselves of the dangerous passion.

She noticed in her life a retardation
And how she’d got no reputation.
Her ways were not worthy of emulation
And her conscience pricked her with several allegations.

Out of frequent frustrations
She tendered her resignation
Which changed the course of her destination
And made her sought after a deliverance section.

She decided one day to join a Congregation
And she was welcomed like a blood relation.
Her life experienced a tremendous rotation
And her soul found total Salvation.

10 thoughts on “The Penitent Prostitute” by Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

  1. Nice one,good rhymes.Glad she later found salvation.Keep it up.

  2. This is powerful.

  3. Incredible…Very incredible!

  4. Beautifully composed.I really admire your use of end rhymes.You are gifted,Okeme.Keep it up.

  5. Powerful, almost drove me to tears.

    1. Thanks everyone for the encouraging words

  6. An Unique piece, every word and stanza was in place. Well written.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Ochuko

  7. Nice poem.

    I know it must have taken some serious thought to thread a ryhming pattern that would have a conclusion that gives the whole story within the poem a closure.

    But I hope this is not how all your poems always look….its not always a good idea to always do the same pattern on all your work though

    1. Thanks so much AFRONUTS for the compliment. This is not how I always write. You can check the others here or on Facebook (OKEME James Jerome)

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