The Mumuness Of Whatsappers

So, we’ve welcomed whatsapp in Nigeria, but then, does that mean that we’ve welcomed trouble? I hate it when people blame Nigerians for awkward actions, I hate sentences such as ‘Nigerians are so backward’, ‘Nigerian youths are so foolish’. In fact, I have always been very optimistic about what the future holds for our dear country, but the interruption of this new popular social media has ridiculed my optimistic hope for the Nigerian youths.
Let me just quickly brief you about the situation before the advent of the Whatsapp years. We (and by ‘we’, I mean myself and my classmates) use to have close communication, we always visited ourselves and we called one another constantly because these were the only avenues available for sustenance of ones studentship on campus, the only way of getting highly important and up-to-date information about class venues and all was strictly by visitation and phone calls. If you are a student in a private university or any other private higher institution, you would definitely find it difficult to understand what I am talking about here. I mean, how can you understand me if you are one of those who go to all these ‘spoon feeding’ schools, where you already have constant time tables that are duly followed by the lecturers, where venues for every class has been unmistakably fixed since the beginning of every session. It is not so in my Federal University, lecturers change our time tables spontaneously, they move classes time and venues to their own convenience, you could get a call to prepare for a class that would hold in thirty minutes time, in fact, several times too, on our way to a preannounced venue for a class, we’d get to know that there had been an immediate shift in venue and we would all run in aggressive swift to the new venue, so as to get there on time not only to start the class with the lecturer so as to widen comprehension but in order not to miss the less available seats.
Although the state was in total deplorable condition, yet it was fair especially now that we have come to realize that it could be worse, at least then, we kept thick communication link among ourselves and it was easy to do the right thing and fit in line once your information source is updated.
Ever since whatsapp application came in, people became very mad with the new development, some of us who could not afford smart phones were quickly tossed aside from been updated. We were clearly left out of the going trends and it was only too apparent as the days went by. The venues for each lecture became disturbingly changed and those of us who had no active whatsapp were not spared. Other classmates felt reluctant to visit their usual friends especially because the advancement in our academic pursuit was gradually keeping us busier. With time, virtually everything went ‘on whatsapp’ and … nothing more! We who were not on whatsapp had to keep excessive close contact with those who were on.
And so it happened that, there was no light in school for almost a week, and most of us practically had to scavenge to get our phones charged. Some even went as far as the Town sites to charge their electronic gadgets. It was on the third day that ECN306 lecturer – Professor Majekodunmi decided and imposed a sudden deadline for the payment of his field work project. Some of us were lucky to have established a one on one contact with the Class Rep, all the others –including a very large portion of the class – were so distant. So, when the class rep managed to send the information on whatsapp, his hope and thought was that the others had gotten the information.
I was standing close to Toheeb, the Tuesday afternoon of the following week when Foluke came out of Professor Majekodunmi’s office looking so fierce. I needed no angel to inform me that she was one of the many who hadn’t paid the field work due before the deadline. She charged towards Toheeb. I took a wide stride away from him so we could clearly define Foluke’s direction.
“You Foolish boy! Whoever made you the class rep must be very mad!” She yelled poking him in the nose.
“Foluke, take it easy.” I tried to pacify her, but I ignorantly ignited her anger.
“You made me miss the payment of the field work and now the man is insisting that I shall have to retake the course again. You fool!”
Foluke had not completed her sentence when Daramola ran into the discussion from afar, he had just noticed Toheeb’s presence.
“Bobo Oloriburuku class rep yi! (You unfortunate Class rep!). You made me miss the payment of the field work and you know what effect that is going to have on my CGPA! You are an ignoble idiot’
I was still watching the drama, in my mind, I was trying to figure out how the most informed persons in our class had missed such well popularised information in class. Right there in my presence, almost all those most informed students in my class came and stood there, all pointing accusing fingers at the class rep as if they had planned this day for him. Most of the ladies were cursing while the guys were charging at him and even daring to beat him up.
In a brief moment, they all seemed to keep quiet to hear his own part of the story, and the loud silence that filled the air then showed that whatever he was going to say was going to either vindicate or even implicate him. Everyone stood still, waiting impatiently to hear what the class rep was going to say. In my mind was nothing, because I was equally eager to hear what he was going to say too, and then when the words came finally, they were:
I wasn’t the only one who saw the absurdity in such sentence. There appeared to be no justification in the speech, although there was no guilt on the part of the speaker. Most of the targets had not gotten the information due to the power outage. We had all moved into a developed world – an electronic world, a computer world! As it is popularly referred, and now that we have become so dependent on machine, we still expect perfection from it – we expect perfection from a toothless, mindless, lifeless device.
Everyone charged at the innocent class rep and the following incidence was explained to him in the hospital.
I sat back and thought about it, as I looked at his bloody broken skull which had been bonded with heavy bandage like an afghan turban that seeped blood. Someone somewhere developed a device that could assist our communication methods and we became so stupid to rely solely on it.
What if we had protested the deplorable facilities in our campus instead of swallowing the situation as inevitable? What if we had fought against improper planning of our time tables? What if we had unanimously agreed on confronting the authorities of the campus as regards the way our classes are been fixed only according to the discretion of just one lecturer and not the democratic agreement of a hundred and fifty students? What if we had fought against palliative measures instead of receiving them and sacrificing the greater advantage we could get to cheap solutions that we receive?
If youths are indeed the leaders of tomorrow, then we must do all to do, in ensuring that the leaders of today do not keep polluting our tomorrow by giving us palliative measures and pain killers whereas the real pains are lurking somewhere beneath the bogus solutions. ALUTA CONTINUA!

4 thoughts on “The Mumuness Of Whatsappers” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. hhhmmmm, nice work here @levuz I could easily tell that you’re still an undergrad right? Or was this situation a reminisce?

    1. Levuz (@Levuz)

      @Dominique. Guilty as charged! One year left for my undergraduate years though.
      The story is a faction.
      Thanks for reading

  2. Thank goodness Social media wasn’t trending while I was in school!
    the havoc of these things sef…

  3. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

    Good one. the wahala of social media shaaaa!

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