The Invisible

The Invisible

Out of nothing came something,
Something entrenched that can not be forgotten;
The beginning of the beauty seen,
A radiant reflection of nature;
Carved out by the immutable.
The love sang by all sundry,
Whose majesty can not be tried;
The invisible handwriting behind all writing,
Whose existence could not be rip out.
Invisible to all visible,
All his plan is feasible;
The light of life,
Transcendency in glory;
Where all beauties emmanate.

7 thoughts on “The Invisible” by SamPaul (@SamPaul)

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  3. Nice poem @sampaul

    Couldn’t differentiate the stanzas

  4. Nice poem @sampaul

    Couldn’t differentiate the stanzas but still nice!

  5. Thanks for your comment, i will consider your point of view.

  6. More criticism are welcome.

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