The State of the Nation: Injustice in Our Land

The State of the Nation: Injustice in Our Land

We stand on the threshold of justice and equity

As each stand is a stand that will go down memory lane

That will speak for generation to come

As each is fashioned and shining as that of the sun

To dare to look on


We walk the walk for the emancipation

Of our people from all forms of opposition

We want to make sure everyone is free indeed

From the hands of those which oppresses

To hold out too long to save from misdeeds


The misdeeds of the strong oppressing the week

To let the week stand and stand tall irrespective of anything

From the one on the street to the one out there on the highs

Of life some we are here for all of us

Not a self centred kind


Here and there everyone

A crime is committed and no one wants to be caught

Or better held responsible as all is above the law

The law of the land becoming so afraid of some people

But the law was made to be feared and follow by all


What it becomes when the people

Are scared of speaking up speaking out

In the midst of deceit and unfair treatment merited by the mighty

As some broke the law and get away with it

While some broke the law and face the consequence


The rich are getting richer

While the poor masses are afraid of living tomorrow

The state has come to the point where once justice prevail

Now injustice takes the front seat in every society

Lacking of honesty now truth has no home


It has been chased out from the four walls

Of the judicial house to the point of no return

Sending her out of the national assembly

Away from it all, injustice looms the land

That state of the nation in a pitiable state


Until truth is brought back

That’s when everything will be fine

With our nation because will have come this far

And we cannot seek to watch the labour of our hero’s past

Been in vain the best time to start is now we are building a nation

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