Planet Pluto In Portharcourt (Part 2 of 2)


There’s this new girl in his class who came in through direct entry, her name is Mercy. He admired her from a distance because she was the definition of brain and beauty. Mere looking at her makes him happy, and one day he decided to go talk to her. She was very pleasant, mild mannered, and the amount of intelligence that flowed out each time she opened her mouth marvelled him. She didn’t seem enticed by the prospect of been chaced by the richest guy in the class. He had never seen anyone like this.

They got closer and in no time became lovers. On one of their many date trips into town to go shopping, they were spotted by one of Chantel’s good friends at the mall, who knows that Chantel and Peters are supposed to be an item and is very disgusted and enraged to see ‘the small boy frolicking with a tiny thing’.

Chantel got to know in no time, and was furious at how Peters had been spending his extra time at school, frolicking with a girl not up to the Brazilian hair she changes every two weeks. She had a rule, she doesn’t share, and she would not start now, Peters knew that and still flouted the rule. She gave him the dreaded ultimatum, to choose, it was her or the new girl, he choose Mercy, he was terribly in love. Chantel ended things with him, there and then.

Three months later, and Peter is still basking in the euphoria of his decision to remain with beautiful and innocent Mercy, she is the joy in his life at this moment, and he had to provide for her by any means necessary, but he was running very low on cash, eerything was falling apart, his band group broken down and he couldn’t borrow money from the ones who used to help him in the past as he made great fools out of most of them when he was rolling in Chantel’s money.

Mercy’s attitude began to change, she was becoming more and more aggressive by the day. It was like a movie the day she broke up with him, saying he wasn’t what she expects in a future partner, and could not spend the rest of her life with him.

He was heartbroken, devastated to say the least. He withdrew from school all together, because his grades were beyond failing, they were nonexistent with a whole lot of carryovers, and also because of the shame of no longer having wealth to rub on people’s faces.
He decided to go back to his former employment, Planet Pluto, if there was one place he did something good with his wealth, it was here, and Dame Patty owed it to him to help him one way or another. Dame Patty offered him his previous job back.

His second time at planet Pluto was same as the first, with no special consideration from his boss that not very long ago he used to be very rich.

On one night of his bartending, he sees Chantel come into the bar with a guy. He looked familiar, and recognized that he was Luke, the bass player from his band group. Luke was the reason the group split. He kept on putting negative thoughts, and energy into the minds of the other members, and succeeded in getting them to his abandon him for his own private band group.

He eyes were still fixated on their table, as he watched Chantel stand up to leave. Their eyes caught each others gaze, she left without showing any sign of recognition. In a minute, Mercy entered the club and walked straight to where Luke was sitting, and kissed him. She had been outside the club waiting for Chantel to leave. It looked as though they were celebrating a major fet acheived, because they kept looking at a piece of paper in Luke’s hand.

They all played a role in what his life is now, and they’re here celebrating., including this useless club, he thought painfully.
He found it had to swallow his own saliva, he was a pawn in a game he never knew was on. He knew but never cared about the implication of what he was doing because he wanted the good life, now he knew better, and regretted every old act of his.

Knowing his down fall was the brought about, not only by his doing, but also by the people he trusted, made matters worse.

He slumped, had a heartattack, and died on the spot.

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  1. The heart break was not reason enough for the heart attack and he was too young to die of one. Typo errors. You fast tracked it and just summed up what should have taken more coloration. I enjoyed the part 1

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