Planet Pluto In Portharcourt Part 1 of 2)


Driving through the city of portharcourt on a Friday evening, it is evident that this is the city of the moment, the city that never sleeps, especially on a Friday night. The atmosphere at all corners of the city is filled with an energy that would make even the most calm and reserved person, uneasy, and want to move his or her body to the sound of music emanating from the every corner. This city is best described as the centre for noise, and crazy.

In a quiet corner of the city, a trail of ever increasing line up of cars, with enthusiasts coming trouping out of their cars, can be seen. They’re excited at the prospect of having special invites to PH-city’s most prestigious club, where the cream de la cream of the society go to unwind and relax without fear, and consciousness of paparazzi presence. This is a place where privacy is held in high esteem. This is Planet Pluto.

Planet Pluto offered the private environment, and serenity most celebrities craved for. Be you a new or an old face of the industry, for a few hours, Planet Pluto offers you the opportunity to be yourself, without fear or favour. The owner who also doubles as the club manager, popularly known as Dame Patty, is well known for her non tolerance to insubordination from members of her staffs. It is rumoured on the street that she was diabolical, and Planet Pluto was a satanic investment, and anyone who has anything to do with it will never prosper. It also is heard on good authority that she always boasted about how her staffs, made up mainly of young boys in their 20’s, were very loyal to the last drop of their blood to her, and how she would waste no time in ditching unloyal fellows, because of this, Planet Pluto never suffered from lack of new hands, the recruitment of new personnel is a monthly affair, and on the day of one of such recruitment exercises, came Peters, a tall dark young man of 21years, he had just ben admitted to the University of Port Harcourt to study Marine Biology, but needed the job to raise enough cash to pay for his school fees, and offset all the other expected bills of been in the university. He used the megre savings from his former job to pay his acceptance fee, and now was without more money to fall back on, hence the need for a part time job.

On the first day of his resumption as a bar man at Planet Pluto, he met a number of high profile patrons, and flowed well with them, as an expert at this job and one who had done it many times previously.

His main aim of taking the job was to provide for himself and his family. Tragedy struck earlier this year, after he had just finished writing jamb, his father who had been quietly and successfully battling diabetes type B passed away without warning. He was the only boy in the midst of five girls and he needed to be independent, to give his mother the needed rest and relieve she deserved, as she too was down with acute diabetes. Luckily, he had waited many times in the past for fun at Uncle Joshua’s bar, it was there he gathered the experience he found useful in this job, but all that is a front for his main purpose here, which is to attract a wealthy young lady, one who would flourish him with enough money to use provide for his family as the new head of the house and also to take care of himself. At this level of his frustration, he didn’t bother himself with specifics, “morales doesn’t matter any longer, “I’ll do anything to relieve myself of this huge burden”, he once said aloud to himself.

Three weeks working at Planet Pluto, and he was certain he had found one who fit all his requirements. She was plumpy, sexy and above all very rich, and it was obvious she’s interested in him – with all the flirtatious gestures she’s been sending his way for the past one week.

Chantel George is a fast rising star, she had blown the port Harcourt movie community few months ago with her superb performance in the thriller stage play, ‘Locusts of yesterday’, and was ready to take the whole country and the international community by storm. It was evident from her appearance that she’s in money, and that money is in her.

On her first day at Planet Pluto, Peters was the bartender on duty and she flirted a lot with him, making his hidden agenda play out a whole lot easier. The next day she couldn’t find him when she came to the club, as it was his off day, but didn’t relent, and sort him. She quizzed the management for his phone number. It was given to her, when she threatened to stop coming to the club if she couldn’t reach Peters now. The call with Peters ended with him coming over to the guest house she was lodged, till the renovation in her house is completed.

One thing leads to another, and they have sex.

Peters was happy she was the one initiating the advances, as it gave him the option to play a little hard to get, and great leverage for the future, in case things later went south.

She took the lead in their relationship, and asked him out. She was older and more experienced, she knew what to say and how to say it. They began a secret affair. Since she was older than him, their relationship would bring about scandalous paparazzi content, which wouln’t be good for her career and Peter’s education privacy to.

She showered him with so much money than he needed, and made sure he was extremely comfortable, and also had enough to provide for all his family’s needs. He gave her good sex constantly, and she appreciated it with the availability of cash, for his every need.
In about a month, he was made, he had arrived, he had a new car, an entirely new wardrobe, and many expensive accessories he had no use for. He upgraded his participation in Planet Pluto’s from bartender to patron. He loved the affluence this way of life had gotten him, and it intoxicated him.

With the newly found peace of mind, he decided to attend lectures a little more than he did while bartending. Combining school, which he actually has lost interest in, and his new musical band, which had so many gigs and concerts coming up soon.

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