My Dream Love


My first time at Abeokuta was memorable. Though, we were invited by one of my hall’s mates for a wedding, we also had our thoughts on tourism. We knew that we won’t be getting back to school until Monday. So our host had a place prepared for our stay over the weekend.

At 8am, we were on our way to Abeokuta for the wedding. Church service was over when we got there: it was the reception we attended. It was really glamorous. At 6pm, we retired at the apartment, which our host organised for us. The day after, we also retired back in the same apartment, after our excursion at Olumo rock.

As early as 7am the next day, the day had broken. The sun was high in the sky; but dark parches still loomed around it. I woke up and found the room empty. Amazed and disturbed.


“Where could they have gone without me” I pondered.


Yemi, one of my hall’s mates, walked in abruptly, from the bathroom. He told me I must be tired yesterday when the other guys were saying good-bye. They would have early lecture today, Monday, so they left yesterday, Sunday. Dare also joined us later from the bathroom. I had my bath too – and we hit the road.


At the motor-park at Onikolobo, I was getting ravenous, so I stopped by to buy Bread and Akara from the road-side seller. I was just settling down with it in the bus we boarded earlier, when I heard a voice from outside the bus.


“Is the bus going to Ago-iwoye” she queried. I responded with a nod and adjusted for her to sit.


Dare and Yemi later returned back to the bus, from a near-by cafeteria at the motor-park – they settled for the back seat. A woman also came and sat on middle-seat, it really took a couple of hours before the bus got filled up. When the bus finally took off, I was done with breakfast; I decided to look into my book, at least, to keep myself busy throughout the journey. So I held out Bus 103 hand-book. I hardly read a page or two, when I heard the same voice again.


“Excuse me; are you in business administration department?” She asked.


“No, I am in economics department” I replied. I barely looked at her face; I just went on reading.


“Okay”She nodded and continued.” But you are reading a hand-out from bus department?”


I was slightly irritated by her question; what was her concern about what I read. I looked up from my reading, with the intention of giving her the piece of my mind; but I was dazed with her look. She was gentle and gorgeous; I couldn’t just utter a word to hurt her.


“I chose it as an elective” I muttered.


She shook her head again and said “But I haven’t seen you in any of our classes”.


“How can we see, when we are like one million in that class”. I chuckled, closed and shifted my book to one side. “That is true” she smiled.


Her smile stirred up something in me. She had dimples on face; with a lot of sparkle on it .My heart was at peace with her. I felt I was home and secured, though I was meeting her for the first time.


“You must be in bus department”.


“Of course, I am, how did you know?” She asked.


“I just felt you must be in bus department that was why you asked if I was”.


“Yes I am in bus department and I felt you are also in bus department, because you have this kind of…this kind of” she stared up at the air, trying to pick the right words that described me.


“Like this kind of Oouite (i.e. Student who attend Olabisi Onabanjo university) looks” I caught in, trying to help out with right word. “Nope” she laughed.” Who says, you have this kind of geek look, you don’t look like an typical Oouite“.



“How does an Oouite look like?” I asked. As I adjusted my position in bus, I stepped on somebody; so I apologised.


“They don’t look bookish like you, I mean typical Oouite would have his/her mp3 on and listen to music all through his/her journey and wouldn’t prefer reading to that”.


“I tend to disagree with you” I retorted. “Not all Oouite are bookish and not all of them are jokers like you said. Moreover, I have my own reservation about you.”


“Really, what reservation?”she asked. “You don’t look like an Oouite yourself, you look buttish, I just wonder what you are doing in third war school like Oou.”


She burst into laughter. She showed are complete set of white teeth; that excite me the more. I felt a sudden surge of affection in my heart, a feeling that eroded all my thoughts. She was the centre of my world and I didn’t want anything to stop this orbit in my life.


Buttish indeed, you have a way of turning the table around, anyway dou” bending her hand at my face.


She later looked into her bag and brought out some chocolates. She offered me one of it. “Do u mind?”


I collected it and said “Thanks, more like a butty kind of food” .She burst into laughter again; showing her white sparkling teeth. “Na you know” she said in euphoria.


“Pardon me, I am wale” I introduced myself. “Oyin” she replied. “The pleasure is mine” I said and we shook hands


That was how we talked for the rest of the journey. At a point, I was smiling to myself. It was as if I won a jackpot, considering my nature: being a shy guy, I never thought in my wildest dream I could keep a girl’s company like I did with her. She just had a way to keep me on; every of her words were in blend with mine. I was elated like never before.

I wouldn’t say I was attracted to her beauty, or her curves; but I would just say, I was attracted to her kind of person. Her smiles were admirable – she was soft-spoken. She was pleasurable to be with.


Our bus rode on smoothly without any halt, until we encountered several police blocks. They made us rode intermittently. When we finally got passed the last block, it gave us sigh of relief.


We drove on continuously, until one of the passengers call for a recess to empty her bowel. So we all dropped off the bus to stretch our legs, while some of us just decided to ease ourselves .As we all strewed around the creepy- thorny bush, we never knew danger was lurking, it had already surmounted us before we realised . A group of primitive people emerged from the bush and rounded us up. But I managed to escape, because I was at the other side of the road, to ease myself. Only that I couldn’t leave my friends and my new found love, so returned in search of them.


Two hours had gone, before I found their abode. The route to their place was scary and disgusting. It had piles of human flesh and skulls scattered all over. My heart sank, as I saw the fresh body of one my passengers, which was disposed. I couldn’t hold back my tears because she had been de-breasted.


I watched from afar, as they butchered my friends. Yemi’s death was agonizing: he was beheaded. I watched my beloved friend fall into pieces. His organs were cut into pieces and stored away. I noticed something about their routine, the female were slaughter according the size of their mammalian gland, I guess it was the only ingredient needed in them. Oyin’s boobs were small; I knew that from the sight of her chest, it protruded moderately. I knew right then, she was still alive.


Oyin’s legs and arms were tied, in a sticking-muddy house. The roof of the house, which was made of raffia, had been partially wreck by previous prevailing wind. She lay helplessly on the floor, amidst the heaves of human flesh that cluttered the room. As the last victim was jostled out by a muscular, bald and thickly moustached guy, I am unclamped the wooden door and rushed in to her aid. I pulled her up to consciousness and we dashed out of the house. A guy appeared by the door, he tried to capture us, but he was dealt with by the wooden door that swung to and forth: it hit his scrotum. He yelled in pain, while we escaped into the woods.


We hid ourselves, on a tree, from the search party, who were sent after us, until night fall. It was the screeching sound of monkeys that scared Oyin off the tree. She jumped and hurt her legs. They were alerted by her cry, and they ran in numbers towards our direction. We ran, but we couldn’t run fast, because Oyin slowed down our paces. So I backed her. It didn’t take long before they caught up with us; they surrounded us with daggers and machetes. I let Oyin down my back and she moved in front of me, clinging to me so tight. Her heart throbbed at every inch they took towards us. I lifted up her head from where they were buried on my chest. “It is going to be alright” I said bravely and she nodded faintly in accordance.


Out of the blues, we were rattled by rattling sound of gunshots. “There they are!” a familiar voice echoed beneath the woods. She was one of our passengers: she escaped the captivity. She notified the police and brought them to our aids. The police chased them down the woods and we escaped from danger zone.


As we strolled in the woods, Oyin was holding my hands, with mushy look on her face. Suddenly, she leaned forward and pecked me on my cheek. We then hugged passionately. When we finally parted, she shifted backward, not knowing she was at the edge of a cliff.


“Oyin Nooo!” I screamed, as I tried to hold on to her, but she fell deep down, into a massive ocean.


At that point, I knew my life won’t be the same. She had struck a chord in my life. I unbuttoned my shirt and stood at the cliff’s edge.


“Here I come my love” I said silently and jumped off the hill, Screaming “Nooo!’nooo! nooo!” , as descended deep, down an endless height.


“Wale, wake up, why are you screaming?” Yemi shouted and dragged my feet. When I opened my eye, it was already daylight at Abeokuta. It was all dream, I said in my mind – feeling slightly feverish. “Won’t you get dressed? We are running out of time” he said politely. Dare walked in from the bathroom, other guys also joined later. After my shower, we all left the apartment.


I sat in the bus already. Waiting for it to get filled up; I heard a familiar voice


“Is this bus going to Ago-iwoye?”A lady asked politely. I looked at her and I was shocked to see her. She was Oyin from my dream.


“ye…yes” I mumbled and shifted. It was then I looked at the colour of bus, it was the same bus from dream. And Yemi and Dare were also seated in the same position, like they were in my dream. Memories of my dream ran through my mind. I began to sweat and panicky, because it might be one journey to hell.


At nick of time, the driver started the bus, but it couldn’t move. It was confirmed later, that the bus wasn’t alright for the journey. We had to go with another bus. The new bus was fourteen-seat bus, compare to previous eighteen-seat bus. Some of the passengers were left behind, including Oyin. As I sat inside the new bus, I looked at Oyin through the window. She had a long hairdo, which swerved across her face; she was beautiful in stripped top and black pants. I wondered if our meeting was coincidental or just kismet. Though I wanted her by my side, but it could just be at high risk. After peering at her for long, she finally looked towards my direction and waved at me. I also waved back, with ripples of smile all over my face.


9 thoughts on “My Dream Love” by adurodolu (@Durodolu-John-Adewale)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    A considerable part of the story was a dream, okay! If it had not been a dream, my comment definitely would have been longer–my personal opinion? the details fit the night visions of a person who has malaria; for example, I doubt Abeokuta has an ocean.

    Edit more. A number of words found their way into sentences where they were not needed.

  2. nice read..would have fitted better in the adventure column because I personally wasn’t intrigued to read it all..however I did learn some few words.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. @durodolu-john-adewale nice write up minus the few hiccups here and there. Keep writing.

  4. It also looks like you were trying to summarize the whole story. Just let the words flow. Even if it’s longer than the required length, you can always break it into parts until you finish. Well done.

  5. P.J. Burre (@olutossen)

    There r some mistakes that shdnt even occur like she showed are white teeth. Made me reluctant to read. But I guess it happens. You just need to proof read next tym.

    Cool concept tho.

  6. The idea behind the story reminds me of a story that @TolaO wrote way back that explored the dream sequence having a Deja Vu in reality.

    While the idea is cool I’m not sure you did enough justice in how you told the story. I’m able to gather from this that you may be new in the art of writing fiction because the way you wrote this reminds me of how I wrote my first fiction way back.

    Keep writing…you can only get better!

  7. Hi @afronuts. Long time.

    The story you refer to is this one:

    @durodolu-john-adewale, I think that my issue with this story was that it was too verbose, and the narrative did not flow smoothly. Sometimes, when writing a story, less is more. For example, there’s this:

    “I watched from afar, as they butchered my friends. Yemi’s death was agonizing: he was beheaded. I watched my beloved friend fall into pieces. His organs were cut into pieces and stored away. I noticed something about their routine, the female were slaughter according the size of their mammalian gland, I guess it was the only ingredient needed in them. Oyin’s boobs were small; I knew that from the sight of her chest, it protruded moderately. I knew right then, she was still alive.”

    I would have rewritten this as this:

    “I watched from afar as they butchered my friends. Yemi’s death was agonizing; I watched as they beheaded him, then cut his organs into pieces and stored them away. I noticed something about their routine; girls were slaughtered in order of the size of their breasts. Perhaps this was all the killers cared about. I knew then that there was a chance that Oyin might still be alive, since I had observed that she had small breasts.”

    Keep writing.

    1. adurodolu (@Durodolu-John-Adewale)

      Thank you everybody for the observations. It can only get better. I am most grateful for your contributions

  8. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

    I had a good read. like one of the comments read, I was also about to ask if Abeokuta or any state in Nigeria for that matter had an ocean. A few typos here and there, but it was a good one.

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