Less TV….

I woke up in a sweaty panic when an ear splitting sound pierced my nap. I sat up urgently, my heartbeat erratic. Just when I was still trying to reacquaint myself with where I was, the scream came alive again, a little louder this time. I followed the scream and scrambled out of my room, startled, my ears itching for an update. It was a little girl of about 8, wailing bitterly by virtue of her mum’s anger that wouldn’t let up. Irately, the mum continued to bring the whip down on her repeatedly. Amidst all this, our plea for clemency on the little girl, didn’t register with the Ma because she was anger driven.

Seeing that the poor girl was in dire need of mercy, I went in and snatched her little frame from under her mum’s rage and then demanded to know what the lashing was for but she wouldn’t say anything at first. She just stood there with an enraged demeanour, visually whipping at her small daughter with her red eyes. She tried to appear calm but there was something ugly brewing beneath the surface. After a while of pacifying her, she then walked me and the few gathered through what had triggered her rage.

That her eldest daughter confided in her few minutes ago that a certain boy who happens to be same age or possibly a year older, has been working his finger into her genitalia for some time now. It drew an ugly emotion from the clustered neighbours who made obvious of their disapproval to such disturbing image with mumbles of displeasure. And when the little rascal was finally summoned to clear things up, he out rightly denied, saying it was all a lie. That he did no such thing. But the poor girl kept insisting in between hiccups that he assaulted her.

I saw through him and could tell he was lying as his unsteady voice and countenance betrayed him. Just when my own rage began to build, the poor child’s mum was already seething with a blind rage. Out of control, she latched onto the boy and let him have it all; whips, kicks and slaps. The woman had lost it but who would blame her. After a while of letting the kid have a feel of her rage, I cut in and broke it up.

The big headed delinquent was smothered in pain as he fell beside my feet, crying heart wrenchingly. When asked where he learnt all that, the delinquent averred that he saw it on the screen and had decided to put the image in his head to practice. Which brings me to this recurring issue that just won’t go away. It disturbs me when I see some kids spend the entire day watching the screen. What is even more disturbing is the content of what they watch. The adverse effect of western scenes has burrowed deep into all of our senses. Threatening the main fabric, ethics and morals of our cultural settings.

Now this issue is a hot button but somehow we seem at ease and calm about it and wouldn’t want to push it. The screen and its subliminal effect on our kids cannot be over emphasized. Most of our home videos and virtually all the western movies that express themselves on our screens today, has seriously evolved into obscenities and it’s so disturbing. You cannot watch a movie these days without your remote within your reach where you can quickly punch that fast forward button to skip past a hormone triggering scene. Which of course is done when under age kids sprawl flat on the floor, their eyes fixated on the screen. It’s mortifying. Apportioning the blame to our home video makers is more like a lost labour. After all, that is the sizzle. They believe such scenes are in line with the vogue of the now. If you do not blend in an 18 rated motion in movies, its recognition and returns will be gone.

That kid definitely didn’t see such adult motion under the watch of his parents or guardian but certainly outside his home. Please our beloved guardians, endeavour to keep an eagle eye on our wards but more importantly monitor the content of movies they watch. If possible curtail their TV time. It’s an anomaly to let them have full access to the TV at all times. Even if they have such freedom towards it, the parental control lock should be activated. Slap a ban on them and the places they go. The company they keep too has a subliminal effect on their mentality and soils the good in them if it’s a bad one.

Do not forget to levy them their deserved punishment when they default. God bless our homes and guardians. Amen.
Enough said.

De Kaiser(C)

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  1. @dekaiser This is very much on point! I also support the notion of most parents not allowing their kids watch certain movies or home videos meant for adults until they turn 14/15, and even at that the parents would monitor the type of movie/home video and make sure it is PG 13 rated or whatever that fits their ages, or better still, they would watch cartoons and all that. Nice story.

  2. @Dominique. Thank you. For once, I hope this plague is arrested. It is so disturbing. Even some of the cartoons have got strong languages and pictures. Close attention must be payed on them to drive such setting far away from them.

  3. I like the way you began this true-life narrative…it caught my attention and made me want to proceed further. This is what I feel any writing should attempt to do. Its like advertising where the first 6.5 seconds will determine whether you will retain your audience or not.
    In the case of this memoir, the first few lines got my attention and made me stay.
    Your narrative style and metaphors were engaging and the imagery was very vidvid.
    In this line:
    ‘the poor girl kept insisting in between hiccups that he assaulted her.’ – I think you meant ‘sobs’ instead of ‘hiccups’ Am I right?

  4. @Afronuts, thanks for your comment. I appreciate. Had to read the vivid line you spotted over and over again and it appears you are right. It was ‘sobs’ alright. Thanks…

  5. So true, the media is so crazy these days, if its not on TV its on the internet and social media. Parents and prospective parents have quite a lot of stepping up to do.

  6. Well said@Mayree. It should be collective effort and not just to parents alone. Thank you!

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