When Good Turns Bad

Morenike would not have accepted the offer to marry Chief if only she knew he was an untruthful womanizer. She had a simple life before she met him, although when compared with the kind of luxury most of her contemporaries lived, Morenike was a meagre – a satisfied peasant who got what she wanted, at least.
Chief Arowolo and his driver had been victims of reckless driving when Morenike first encountered him. The Murano SUV had summersaulted twice at Akigbe junction when she spotted them, she happened to be walking by and the road was deserted, she was scared at first, and very reluctant, knowing the kind of avoidable implication such help might bring especially in explaining the circumstance to the police, what brought her to the quick aid was the way chief had stretched out his dying bloody face from a broken windscreen and was weakly calling for help. Morenike could not bear that. She ran towards him and pulled, to extricate the poor man from the wounds of harsh broken ribs of the car. If it hadn’t been for her, chief would have been successfully consumed in the looming fire that blew up the car shortly after she had finally pulled him out.
Chief had been rushed to the hospital with the help of some other passers-by, his driver had died in the course of the accident and had even been blown up with the car. Chief saw Morenike as an angel, her face was innocent, kind and very beautiful. Before the police were able to reach out to his family, it took four days and pending that time, Morenike acted as his only family.
Little did the pretty lady know that the favour she was doing was soon going to toss her into large wealth. She took her time visiting him every now and then, and they spoke about many things. Chief confessed that he would love to spend the rest of his life with an angel like her, but they had both laughed as if he was cracking a big joke.
“You must be married already, I grew up in a polygamous home and I hate polygamy.” She confessed.
“My wife and my two children died in a plane crash.” Chief had kindled Morenike’s hope.
Morenike was not without serious admirers then, but her plan preluding his proposal had been that she would be an independent financially successful woman before she got married to anyone, but since Chief was capable of making her into the wealthy lady she desired to be, she considered her time ripe to receive the ring.
Chief came to see her several times from Lagos, and she went to see him on two occasion too before the seventh month of their meeting when they finally got married. Then she moved to his mansion in Lagos only to discover that chief had deceived her.
Chief had three wives already, all alive and fine. And they all had three children each, making a large family of thirteen without her. How he had managed through sending them all off during her visitations which was short noticed the second time was not what she was going to be bothered about, she had fallen into his deceit anyway and the way out was definitely not divorce.
To chief’s utmost surprise, Morenike did not give the slightest shudder when he introduced his ‘big family’ to her. With a smile, she greeted them and received their welcome, what Chief didn’t know however, was that during the night when no one was there to see, she cried herself out.
Morenike later came to understand a lot of things about Chief. He was far from the innocent helpless face she had seen the first time they met. He was a tyrant, heartless and wicked politician who didn’t spare even his family members. Although a philanthropist in public, Arowolo had a wild temper. He flogged his family members without mercy and thereafter gave them money to treat themselves in the hospital. He was treated as a god in the house but was yet dissatisfied with virtually everything. This made his robot wives totally submissive and obedient in their desire not to offend him, yet he was sometimes dissatisfied.
It took a long time before Morenike received her own part of the treacherous treatment, because she was a new bride and because of the situation that had brought her into Chief’s life, Chief treated her jealously over the other wives. But even she knew that a man who could deceive her about his marital life could do anything to her when circumstance demanded, and so she was thoroughly prepared.
Chief had ordered her to contact his fashion designer to make sure that his outfit for a particular political campaign was made ready before the set date, but because she was busy preparing other things, that instruction had skipped her mind. Chief went bananas on her, he tugged her and flung her petite self aimlessly, she narrowly escaped death as she crashed into the soft part of the cushion chair in the living room. Her nose was not spared, it hit something hard in the chair and broke, she bled and cried. Chief didn’t show remorse, he engaged his cane and flogged her without mercy as if he had been beating her before. Morenike cried that night again, not because she hadn’t expected it, but because the pain was very real. She waited patiently for next time.
Next time came the third day, when she forgot to put water for the chief to wash his hands right beside the drinking water. Before then, she had made several deliberate mistakes so that chief’s madness would be ignited against her again, but it hadn’t worked in that favour.
Chief looked at the arrangement of items on the table for few minutes and cried out to her in a thunderous roar. She was right beside him and didn’t see the need for a shout.
“You bastard!” his red face frowned in deep disgust. Every other person in the house rushed out to see the drama that would unfold, it delighted the whole house to see chief’s madness when they were not the victim.
“Chief, what is the problem?” The calmness in her speech perplexed the onlookers, it wasn’t the typical fearful plea.
“Can’t you see? Is this where you are supposed to put the washing hand water? Are you an idiot?!” Chief didn’t wait for any further response, he swept his left hand across the table and threw the whole arrangement in shatters, crashing dishes on the floor in the process. He stood firmly from the table and grabbed Morenike by her blouse, attempting to drag her to the table and squeeze anything on her face.
Morenike slipped through, but her blouse got torn in the process, everyone watching widened their gaze, no one had ever defended themselves whenever chief was punishing.
Morenike took off the remains of her blouse completely and threw it on Chief Arowolo’s face, he was still trying to get it out of his view when she quickly grabbed the bowl of pepper and poured it on Chief’s face as soon as he got rid of the blouse. He yelled in pains.
“You idiot! Can’t you see that I have ears to listen to simple instructions?” She requested. “Just demanding what you want in a simple note would do.”
Chief was not ready to repent, he could not see the people around but he knew what joy and excitement they would be deriving looking at him in such a state. He ran into Morenike’s position, to push her into the ground and punch her continuously, but his calculation was very wrong, Morenike moved aside partially and that got Chief crashing into a wooden carve near the main shelf in his sitting room. The carving tossed the shelf and everything in it fell on him.
Morenike pounced on him out of anger, but she couldn’t beat the helpless man because he had obviously become weak from the fall.
“Please Morenike. Please.” He begged weakly.
Hands of the onlookers flew to their heads in great astonishment. Never before had they seen anyone put up such courage before Chief, and never before had they witnessed the pleading of the old man.
Morenike grabbed Chief’s towel quickly, she wiped his face and cleaned the injury on his body for him with the assistance of the other wives. She rushed him to hospital for treatment and got her stuffs ready to leave Chief’s house.
Chief returned home three days after, he had learnt a lesson from the challenge. He was unhappy when he found out that Morenike had left him, he wished she would forgive him and come back to his home, but smart Morenike had been too prepared for Chief’s actions, in the few months of their marriage, she had accumulated and gotten as much as she needed from him, and had become the independent lady she had all along desired to be, so it wasn’t difficult to move into a new apartment when the event occurred.
Chief wrote her a lot especially about the fact that he had since then never beaten any of his wives and he even made a promise never to do so anymore. Morenike was happy at the turn of events, but she wrote him back stating that she liked his new self but can’t cope with a polygamist anyway.
Chief never treated any of his family members cruelly thereafter.

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  1. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    I cant stop laughing o. the table really turned against chief, he learnt the hard way.

  2. Oluwaseun Ojegoke (@ojestar)

    It read like those story books that starts with “Story Story…” and ends with “What did you learn from the Story?”

    Lol…this one na serious Fuji house of commotion.

    I enjoyed this, especially the way the drama kept rushing in; fast paced- an unusual thriller of some sort!

    Well done.

  3. @levuz
    I must confess, this had me totally spell-bound. I loved every bit of this story, even though you tried to summarize a lot of things that would have made it more engaging in the process. But this is good stuff. Nice work! :)

  4. Hehehehe…chief chief….thanks o for sharing

  5. Talk about Karma.

    Apart from a few typos and proper spacing, nice story and well told!

  6. Abiona Alli (@abionaalli)

    Hilarious! How I wish more stories ended like this in real life but unfortunately they usually do not.

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