Twelve in Olympus

Everything is about to change

3 brothers: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades

Overthrow father Kronos

Zeus leading independently in his stead

Son of Hermes, messenger of the gods is the cause of chaos

Theft of the bolt that rules the world

Lost in the possession of Zeus

The gods are angry

Son of Poseidon, Eyes bluer than the Circassian sea

Finds gold drachmas on the highway to hell

Demigods protected by Centaurs

Defeats Minotaur and Fury

Threatened to be sunk in the depth of Tartarus

At midnight of the summer solstice

Followed by the daughter of the Goddess of Battle strategy and wisdom, Athena

Persephone, wife to Hades assist the quest to bargain with Zeus

Medusa cursed by Athena is murdered by the youngster and is useful in death

Eyes emitting lightning with the scream of pythons on her head

Hercules, Achilles, Perseus, Orpheus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Hera

All Intercede

Like a flash in the pan

Balance is restored

Son of Poseidon, Eyes bluer than the Circassian sea

Demigod of the seas.

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