Cross Road


Walking through the path

One’s own glory in vain

Ridden along in a cart

Echoes of the heart pain


He has no respect for any

Picking whoever he chooses to

Adversaries attack many

Nothing more to do


You pierce the heart

Making the soul bleed

Taking loved ones

All for your greed


At the end of the cross road

There lies two paths

One broad

One narrow


Even monarchs fall prey

No one knows when he comes

Like a thief in the night

He strikes as a snake


He has no remedy

He is the untimely visitor

One is never ready

He is seen as the creditor


Once he visits

You are up for judgement

Once you fail

You are up for condemnation



Leave us mortals

Enjoy this one life

Feast in the abyss


But if not

Watch your back

For if  possible

I will kill you!

2 thoughts on “Cross Road” by Adeyela (@Olamituwo)

  1. I knew this was about death before it ended.

    I’m trying to understand why you titled it cross road while it centres on the theme of death and the vanity of life.

    Cross road refers to a point where you have to make a decision and that doesn’t seem to reflect in this poem.

    Or am I missing something?

  2. are you at a cross road between death and life. there is some confusion in the middle, but great start up

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