All the little things

My pace as I left the church was faster than when I came in. I let my mind wander back to the woman I had seen while I drove to church earlier. She sat by the road, her face tilted toward the sky with a little boy who clutched an old, dirty bowl where random persons dropped crumpled notes by her side.

I got into my car and zoomed off, thinking back to the service I just left. Reverend Udonandu had asked the congregation to sow a seed and then he had gone on a roll call of mind numbing amounts; counting down from hundreds of thousand.

“Father, bless the hands that have brought their seeds to church” Reverend had said after the session was over and I was still clutching the one thousand naira note that I came to church with. It was then that I let my hand drop to my side, slipped the money into my pocket and left the church. Reverend was more interested in the pregnant envelopes today.

Finding a blind woman with an afflicted child in a street of couth mansions and sleek rides was a quite easy task. I eased my car to a side of the road and approached the woman and her child.

“Mama, good morning” I said as I took out the one thousand naira note and stretched it out. The little child, obviously too stunned; looked at his blind mother before turning to stare at me as if wondering if I was in a trance.

“Take it” I said, pressing the money into his hands. I watched as a crack appeared in the plain of sadness on his face and spread out like a ripple. The little boy was smiling.

7 thoughts on “All the little things” by adeosun adams (@Mezzyadamz)

  1. Short. Well written. Interesting.

    I believe in seed sowing–oh, yes I do! But, when such fund raising schemes appear questionable, I back off.

  2. It’s beautiful to do good things.
    It’s justifiable

  3. Really, it’s high time we stopped sowing seed on a rock.

  4. well said! sowing a seed doesn’t necessarily mean giving to the church…personally, isn’t that what tithes and offerings are for?

    And I appreciate you so much for making it clear in this short story. thanks alot for sharing

  5. @mezzyadamz Awww!! This is really touching. Beautifully and carefully written.

  6. I appreciate good writing and yours is an excellent piece. A little slice of heaven.

    I’ll go stalk you now.

  7. @namdi, thanks for relating.

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