Acts Of Seduction

Acts Of Seduction

She winks
Hopes for his blinks
Her eyes flutter in glees
Roam over him as if bees

Lips curve into pout
To draw smiles from his mouth
Teeth in glitter white
All to catch his sight

Neckline overfed with cleavage
An obvious line on stage
Turns, sways her backside
To rouse him in tide

Bends,hem climbs thigh
On his fly,her eyes pry
Her twerks, amoral gesture
But he knows for sure

She touches a bellybutton
A move to unbutton
Aloud rises a phone call
Ringtone makes a stall

…To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Acts Of Seduction” by ebuka (@himalone)

  1. lol…

    Why did you truncate it now?

    Nice. I like the depth of this depiction of the human mating call, though it leaves us in suspense with unanswered questions…

    I guess that’s because it didn’t end

    1. You are very correct my brother,it did not end,a continuation of it is on the way. Nice having you around.

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