Abducted #16

“I’m so glad you’re alive” Dr. Luke said after Amy concluded her explanation about her car accident and disappearance. He didn’t quite comprehend the whole details, there was loopholes.

“Your mom took you from the accident scene without a trace, she kept you away from civilization for weeks after being told by Mr Fletcher to stay away from cases so you won’t disappear, but you eventually disappeared. Everyone thought you died”

“My mom is not the bad guy, she’s not involved in anything shady” Amy said defensively.

“That’s not what I mean, your mom retrieve you in perfect timing. More like to throw those after you off course”

“My mom had always looked out for me ever since I rebelled” Dr. Luke chuckled.

“Can I meet your mother?”

“Of course, she’s the one who found you” Dr. Luke frowned at her statement.

“I didn’t disappear neither was I off the rigid”

“She sneaked me in unseen….I would love for you both to meet” Amy said grinning.

“Any update on Desiree?” Amy stared into space.

‘Should I lie or tell him the truth? Will he be able to withstand the truth’ Amy thought

“Amy, any update on Desiree?” Luke asked again breaking the silence that had engulfed them.

“Honestly, It’s been a while I thought about Desiree. It’s depressing, when you mentioned her it brought back painful memories” Amy lied feigning a sad countenance.


I knocked on the window of Paige’s car, she opened for me to get in. We sat quiet for few minutes, I wondered who triggered her curiosity. I’d messaged her couple of hours ago, she replied she’s on watch. I came, she’s still on watch.

“Anything interesting pop up?” I asked

“Steve, you make it sound like unless it’s something juicy am not interested”

“It’s the truth” Paige sighed.

“A new guy in town”

“That’s interesting” I said grinning.

“Wipe that grin off your face. I’m not a stalker” I grimaced and nodded.

“He’s new in town but he’s been asking around for Serena McCarthy” I immediately stopped smiling.

“That’s not good. Do you know him?”

“No, but that’s not all. Few search result for Serena McCarthy online says she’s alive, others she’s dead”

“It’s coincidence” Paige produced a file from the back seat of the car and gave me. I quickly glanced through.

“You don’t have any solid detail on Chike”

“I know, I sent god’s eye the details I have already” Paige said concentrating on the view ahead.

“Is that Chike?” I asked looking at the man who was at a safe distance.

“He’s not alone, someone is using him and protecting him but I don’t know who” I looked at the file in my hand, the details seemed familiar. I tried remembering where I had seen Chike, it’s not everyday a man with dreamily eyes, charming dimples and smile pops up in one’s radar.

“He might be Holly’s son” Paige turned to face me, it was like I told her I could life exist in planet mercury.

“Holly’s son? Did you meet her kids?” I nodded

“Few times while she was alive. Paige I might be wrong, maybe Chike isn’t Holly’s son but what if it is? What if he came to town because of the allegation against Desiree?”

“Desiree is jailed for Greg’s murder not Holly’s”

“Ryan knows someone is trying to get Desiree out of jail, he obviously have a strong force with him. I don’t know how he did it but Desiree is now charged for two murders, maybe Chike snooping around is to make those behind Desiree aware that she can’t see the sun shine ever again or lead us into a trap” Paige heaved her shoulders heavily and leaned on the steering.

“I thought you knew, Ryan and whoever it is behind him is making it difficult to release her. If she’s proven innocent of Greg’s murder, what of Holly’s? She’s innocent but no evidence to vindicate her”

“Chike is leaving the park lot, do you want to follow him?”

“No, I’m going to visit someone” Paige said starting the car, I’ll drop you off.


Amy watched Desiree leap into the visitor’s room. She didn’t want to go home and sulk, she decided to visit her boss. It hurts to see someone you love badly bruised, near the great white light, then you ask yourself, how long can she hang on? How much longer is required to prove that she’s broken?


“Don’t you cry”

“What’s happening? I tried getting a better treatment for you but it was rejected. Why are you in jail?”

“Heinous crimes” Desiree replied staring coldly into Amy’s eyes.

“I don’t believe you, you’re not a bad person…..”

“Be quiet” Desiree interrupted her. Looking at someone behind Amy.

“You have to go, they’re coming” she said whispering. Amy tensed up, she looked around but saw nothing suspicious.

“You’ve to leave town, take your mom with you.”

“Why? What going on?”

“I don’t want them to meet you, I can’t protect you from in here….if anyone bumps into you on your way out, go to the mall, get new clothes before you go home. Leave your old clothes in the rest room”

“What are you saying? You’re not making any sense to me” Amy said in frustration.

“If anyone bumps into you a tracking chip will be place on you” Amy was about speaking when Desiree touched her right shoulder. She looked at her hand on her shoulder, her overall sleeves gave way for her skin to be seen. The little area around her wrist was badly bruisetd and slightly swollen.

“Who did that to you?” Amy asked still looking at her wrist.

“You got distracted. It takes just one touch to put a tracking chip on you. Amy you need to leave town please, do it for me”

“How do I contact you?” Amy asked sternly.

“There are two men on guard right now five o’ clock and nine o’ clock. They’re the good guys, send a letter through them I’ll get it.” Amy stood up, looked at both men before leaving. Someone bumped into her on her way out, she went to the mall immediately.


Desiree didn’t leave for her dingy cell after Amy left, she sat a while longer, praying earnestly Amy isn’t abducted. She would lose it completely if Amy got hurt and worse abducted.

“The last time you had that genuine look written all over you, someone you cared about was in a stiff situation.”

“Amy just left, they are probably still here. I told her to leave so she won’t be caught up in any of it”

“You can’t always keep her safe, it revolves around her.”

“Paige, I can’t risk her knowing the truth. She better protected in the dark but someone knows the truth about Amy. I got a letter and a picture of Amy before I was abducted. I couldn’t do anything about it while in abduction”

“It’s probably the agency. Why didn’t the agency fight for you? You’re an agent. They don’t leave an agent in the midst of an ocean”

“It’s not the agency, I was helping out an agent in the field when they attacked, it was unexpected. We tried our best but they were after me, I shot the agent and I was taken”

“Who are they? Why did you shot the agent?”

“I don’t know who they are” Desiree lied.

“Why did you shot the agent? You’re already a rogue agent, isn’t that enough for the agency to turn it’s back on you? Then you shot another agent”

“You make it sound like shooting agents are fun for me. They were going to take the agent to God knows where, I would have taken the heat for it from the agency. I shot the agent, I was abducted again. The agency will realize I shot him….”

“To save the agency and the agent” Paige completed Desiree’s statement. She knew the dialogue so well. Desiree was really hurting, she’s in pains. She might not admit it but it’s written all over her, she’s badly bruised, there was bruised marks all over her face.

“They are still here” A uniformed man said approaching the ladies.

“You’ve to go Paige”

“What will happen to you?” Desiree reached out to Paige across the table. She gentle squeezed her hand, she smiled, but the flashes from the pictures taken near her drew her attention. A visiting family was taking pictures of their son, she glanced at them briefly before realization dawn on her.

“Amy’s friend the photographer is the one who knows the truth about her. The picture attached to the letter is the same picture Amy had on her desk while she was working with me. I discovered a camera and mic in the picture when I incidentally knocked the picture frame down while searching for something on her desk. I thought it was you, but when I saw the letter I knew it wasn’t you” Desiree said in a rush.

The uniformed man and Paige stared at her, confusion written on their faces. Desiree sighed, took a deep breath before speaking.

“The picture Amy has in your house right now probably has a tracking chip, the photographer knows the truth about Amy. He’s might have infiltrated already, giving out information to those who abducted me and put me in here”

“Where’s Amy?” Paige asked frightened.

“I told her to go to the mall to get new clothes if anyone-” Paige was already on her heels leaving before she could complete her statement.

“If anyone bump into her” Desiree said clasping her head, she closed her eyes and prayed for Amy.

“What happens now?” The uniformed man asked helping Desiree to her feet.

“I don’t know if Paige will get to Amy before they do. But for now….” Desiree paused briefly, “we wait”

Desiree growled in pains as she leaped inside the penitentiary with the uniformed man assisting her.

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