24 Hours

24 Hours


Just in twenty four hours

Every minutes counts

Every seconds counts

Every milisecond carry so much

They carry so much misery

They carry a story for the records

They make up a history

Just in a twenty four hours spent

The unexpected has happened

The expected as well happened

There is no remedy for the unexpected that was negative

There is no control over the expected that was negative

There seems to be a remedy for the next twenty four hours that would be spent

This twenty four hours has just been exhausted with no other thing to offer

The just concluded twenty four hours has just unveiled its misery

All the stories wrapped up in it has been told

All the emergencies and the expectancy

All the scenesĀ  and the suspense

All has just been revelaed

Just in twenty four hours


One thought on “24 Hours” by Funmi Fasipe (@Funmilolafash)

  1. Is this a tribute to the 24 TV series?
    ‘Cause it looks like it.
    It aptly summarizes the premise of the series (if I’m right about the tribute).

    Nicely done

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