Within The Border

Within The Border

Within the border I stood
Though with no hope to break the bounds
For her boundary was well locked
With men of lofty arms

Within the border I watched
How men of pride and fame
Are being dropped without prize but shame
All within the border
Life starts afresh

As I approached the border
Nearer still, I moved to the border
All thoughts rained hard on me
Then I paused for a while
Just to listen to my mind

Across the border
I was lost in deep thinking
In my very world of fantasy
Broader still I went
Everything was without bounds

Then came a sudden tap
How sad I appeared
To have been deceived by my vey thinking
Then quickly, I called back my rein

Here I was within the border
With the very men I had feared
Right from afar
My mission became undefined
Hence, I was driven away
Far from the border.

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  1. nice work and great concept

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