Alcohol is like mothers milk to him. He really shows the effect, at least on the outside. His obvious loose and annoying displays when gauged shows he has never been a stranger to the bottle. Hand him a bottle of any liquor and he puts it away right beneath his flat stomach. And since our words often reflects the conditions of our heart, Victor tends to launch into a fit of unrelentless drivel and beer-talk the moment he seems to have had his fill of the naughty water.
Known for his glaring frailty, which has been attributed to too much in take of alcohol. 12:45am on the stroke, in the dead of the night, a time when evil lurkes in the shadows, when most of the landlords and denizens of Emenite street had already retired to their various homes, active in a mini coma, Victor would stagger down the dark path of the mucky street in a shuffling gait, clad in a torn white short sleeved shirt, oversized boots, one of his hand on the waist of his over sized trouser, wedging it, trailing behind him the strong stench of alcohol, howling into the night at the top of his lungs thereby upseting the peace that drenched the entire neighbourhood. Sometimes he cries out in a phlegmy smeared baritone pleading on his thick figured wife not to lynch him anymore, promising to denounce any form of drinking and becoming a better husband.
From his small head; sunken eye sockets, red bleached lips to his neck bones poking out through his skin, skinny arms, all the way down to his small waist always having to deal with the niggling nature of his loose trouser’s big waistline; after trading in his leather black belt for one big mug of palm wine.
Victor had gone to seed, loosing his status from a much respected burgeoning entrepreneur to an overnight pauper and wino who finds peace and solace inside the liquid content of any alcoholic beverage.
The how’s and why’s has always been a mystery to mankind and Victor’s story line is no exception. Few years ago, he had all the game working. Young, smart, handsome and hardworking. He worked extremely hard, puting in lots overtime in all his dealings to achieve success and then one day, fate decided to drop his fair side on him and BAM!!, he got hit by good fortune. Much amount of money came at him after coming through with a deal or two and most people in their twisted and diabolical mind instantly got it all twisted. ”Onye ogwu ego…Blood money” mama Ebube would readily ordain him.
Varieties of friends automaically found their way to his porch, known and unknown. Sometimes spending the night over, basking in the savour of his abundant provision along with the loud electronic music it came with. A life of the party they called him because of his Charisma and that small amount of positive energy which he always carried about. Never has he tightened the strings of his purse even to strangers. He was benovolent to a fault. Pacifying mankind through his earnings meant a lot him which earned him lots adulations from his numerous companions plus that was all he ever needed to make him function at a full trottle. ”Aku di na nwa!” and you get rewarded with lots of goodies because there was always plenty where it comes from. Victor knew no division, he placed everyone on the level despite the unequal economic and societal status amongst them. He got his fair share of admiration and more envy but didnt let it dampen his free spirited life.
Victor lived his life with reckless abandon with no smidge of thought for posterity. He believed so much in hedonism..Pleasure been the highest good and proper aim of human life. ”You are never promised tomorrow, so live your life like its your last” he would often tease his fellow bottle chums. And bottoms ups….aaaah!, it goes down and everyone is happy again, laying bare their white teeths.
Someone sent me a mail asking me ”what really happened to victor?”

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  1. Nice play of words..picked up a thing or two. Sad for vicko though.

  2. Thanks for your time @victoh. Sad about your name

  3. But really, what happened to Victor?

  4. @Chijy. Victor came to grief as a result of his carefree attitude towards life.

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