What would happen if I kill myself to escape all these challenges life has posed on me


It’s an easy end; I’ll drink the bleach, experience stomach troubles
And then I’ll be gone
Mother would cry her eyes sore
Father would shake his head and sigh
He would blame everyone except himself
Unspoken words I never said
Thoughts I never expressed
They’ll lock up my room for months
Put my pile of clothes in a bag
And everything I ever owned
Mother would break down several times
My brothers would revel in the thought that I had once been
They’ll all ask the question “why”
Life killed me
It snuffed itself out of me
It made me feel dead even when breathing
The only escape was death
I wonder what happens beyond
If hell or heaven would be my habitation
Or even if they exist

A thought pops into my head
What of if someone comes in and tries to save me
I’ll cry and shout that I should be left alone
Nobody can save me now
They’ve tried several times
Their remedies all failed
The only pain in my heart is my mother
I’ll shatter her life
I hope she’ll be able to live again
I was her world and she built her towers round about me
She’ll never forgive me
But I pray she understands
Life’s been tough
It didn’t give me a chance
Everyday was a hustle
I had to struggle through everything
And it’s opposite came as a easy end
It offered me the rest I think I deserve
I give up!

*Selbstmord is a German word for suicide.

6 thoughts on “Selbstmord” by mojisola olajummy (@mjeezyfone)

  1. Abeg o…your mother will not and would never understand.

  2. The very fact that you put this in black and white indicates that you have triumphed over it.Yes, I quite agree with you that your Mum will experience the pains of losing you but how about your friends and others who cherish you? I wish those who at some point attempted giving up or intend to do so, will take a moment and read your wonderful poem.Thanks for this thought-provoking piece@ Mojisola. I love reading it.

  3. Nice piece. Love every part of it.

  4. Thank you @olamiotan @ojestar @Gabriel.
    @Gabriel Yes, Friends and others would! Thank God for the strength to triumph!

  5. Life is a hustle we all say
    And we say we don’t know what lies after
    Whos to say after is not an even harder hustle.
    Biko, don’t kill yourself, I wont understand
    Lovely write up
    Hope you’ve enrolled for the poetry contest thingy
    Happy New Month

    1. Dee!!!!!! Welcome dee!!!! Newbie Dee. So nice to have you here. Can’t wait to see your works!

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