Rolling Stone (excerpt Of My Biography)

If birds were always supposed to fly
Of what importance is kiwi?
If foods were always meant for the mouth
Of what importance is IV fluid?

Soil to the soul
Only makes one dirty,
Like a garment in a hole
I found not myself until twenty,

Aggressiveness, Endurance, Routine
Taught to me since like forever;
I guess I was only thirteen,
At least they kept me from drowning in a river,

So, someone told my mum about health
When I was only seventeen,
“Health…”, he said, “….fortifies wealth”
So I lost Aggressiveness but I had more routine

Pray, bathe, eat, go to school,
Dont loose your virginity,
Know Your Father’s God
, All was cool,
But I was taught rebellion by harmless laws (of Amnesty)

So I kept the laws for so long;
As long as my parent still knew the time that I woke,
they called me good but they were wrong;
I was training a legion for revolution in my own blood lake.

6 thoughts on “Rolling Stone (excerpt Of My Biography)” by A.P Bartender (@philtrum)

  1. Interesting!he stanzas stand out very well to justify your subject matter.Great work@philtrum.

  2. ‘The Stanzas’ 1st line of my comment refered..

  3. I like it….it’s very cool

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