Pleasure and Pain – A Short Story – Episode 2


“Anyway, my name is Nosakhare. I’m a 300 Level law student. I came here to update my stomach infrastructure with my friends over there, before the beautiful lady sitting directly opposite me caught my attention, and stole me away from them.” Nosa said pointing towards an adjacent table where about three guys were comfortably seated gisting without any evidence of food on their table, and the trio took turns to wave at him with a huge grin on their faces. Nancy, who was oblivious that he came with friends swiftly threw an handkercheif at him – in a playful manner.

” Like serious!?, so you came along with your friends, and you left them hungry while you’re here eating. That’s really bad of you, I mean, who does that? Can’t you see that they refused to eat anything because of you.” She almost entirely uttered every word while trying so hard to hold back laughter, as a symbol that she was really upset with him, but her antiques was rendered futile, as she practically chuckled until the end.

“Honestly speaking, whatever must have made them not to eat was entirely their decision, and had nothing to do with me.” Nosa got the jokes as he played along by conceptualizing on her sense of humour, and they all had a good laugh, including the boys.

“Anyway, you’re forgiven, but not completly, until you apologize to your friends, and you have to do it right about now!!” Nancy blurted with a tone of finality with her mouth pouted forwards, and her eyebrows raised up…….

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