My Santa Claus

My Santa Claus! I whispered, saliva suddenly drying off my throat. I forced myself to breath so I could fully comprehend what was happening. You won’t blame me for forgetting how to breathe for a second after I explain how I got into this perplexed state of extreme shock that has threatened to burst my brain.

Growing up in a proper Nigerian home, the joy of Christmas  for me came first of all from eating original jollof rice. When I say original, I mean the jollof rice cooked over firewood and charcoal that gives it a distinct aroma and taste otherwise known as ‘party rice’. Secondly, it was the anticipation of shaking and collecting a gift which was most times a substandard toy that usually got spoilt or lost after the next day from a scruffy looking man dabbed in white and red costume which my mum called father Christmas. The other thing that made this period a festive one for me was the joy of  running around tormenting friends and neighbors with banger (Fire crackers) on the street. .

Far from memory lane, I am now 29 years old. I have since left the life of father Christmas and upgraded to Santa Claus, Jollof rice to Chinese rice, running to jet skiing.

Its another year and Christmas is close. I had just finished having dinner  at the famous and exquisite burj al arab restaurant in Dubai when I got a call from my boss asking me to remain in the restaurant that he was sending someone to drop a package for me.

”I hope he is not bringing extra work for me,cos’ I cannot afford to miss my flight”. I grumbled

”I will keep your jollof rice for you, make sure you come on time o” I remembered my mum’s phone call earlier in the day.

”As if jollof rice is even enough to make me start racing across continents”. I hissed to myself, pissed by the delay.

Instagram kept me company while I waited for the unknown package. I had become so engrossed that I forgot why  I was waiting in the first place until someone tapped my shoulder and dropped an envelope on my table. I assumed it was a Christmas card and decided to open it out of courtesy so I could thank by boss .

No! The card wasn’t from my boss, according to it, it was from my Santa. I laughed inwardly thinking it was one of those regular Christmas thingy until I properly read the note:

May all the sweet magic of Christmas
to gladden your heart and fill every of your desire.

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Here’s from Santa to you for a work weldone in the year

First class ticket to any 2 countries of your choice

200% increase in Salary 

A Cadillac CTS Car

A $10000 voucher to any clothing store

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May the good times and treasures of the present
become the golden memories of tomorrow.
I blinked rapidly to clear my head of any optical illusion, but the content of the card stubbornly stared back at me. Could this be a prank? my mind questioned. With hands that refused to stop shaking I picked up my phone, looking through my contacts with hope that I would be able to pinpoint a possible suspect. Unable to guess I started to accept reality, God has finally decided to bless me!

Still on cloud Nine, I left the restaurant  looking cool, calm and collected but on the inside I was jumping to the heavens and dancing all sort of dances. It seemed someone had added springs to my feet, cos’ I felt myself bouncing . Not only was I eager to show off to friends and family that had probably looked down on
”As for my girlfriend, I might even change her after all I can’t say she suffered with me or for me”. I thought.

”Yes, substitute her for a more pretty, massively curved woman”. My evil mind suggested.

”You better don’t change, just upgrade her”. My good mind suggested.

I ignored them both, got on the plane allowing ‘Godwin’ song by Korede bello’  flood my mind. This wasn’t a fairytale…..

No wonder the card had ended with “May the good times and treasures of the present, become the golden memories of tomorrow”.

My Santa Claus had been good to me, until I woke up and remembered I was still jobless.

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  1. Even Santa sends wishes through to the dream world, and dreams do come through.

    Very good story.
    Well done.

  2. Hahahaha…This is so funny. I love it!

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