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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all are as excited  and optimistic about 2016 as I am. It’s going to be a wonderful year for us all by God’s Grace. Let’s keep the flame of hope burning bright. Where there is life there is hope. Let’s do away with procrastination this year and get up on and about with the things we have purposed in our hearts to do, remembering that God’s Grace is sufficient for us.

Now, there has been a couple of issues my girls and I have been discussing for a while now and one of the topics is Going Natural and what men really think about it. The general perception about how men (especially black men) feel about natural hair is that they tend to appreciate a woman who has a nice hair do regardless of thw texture or material used. For most men its all about how nice and good looking the hair is. Does it sit well on the woman? Does it attenuate her face? Was the choice of color (weaves and braids) right?

I once saw an episode on Trisha on this same topic. A woman on the show was so addicted to wearing weaves that she couldn’t answer the front door if she had her natural hair exposed. She would have to wear a wig to cover it. Crazy right? I thought so as well but you see its not just this woman who has a self esteem problem, there are so many women out there who think little or nothing about paying attention to their hair in general. They are willing to pay thousands of dollars or naira to get that perfect human hair fixed on their heads while disregarding to take care of their natural hair. A popular Nigerian comedian once joked “some of you ladies go around with a plot of land on your hair”. Humourous? Yeah but also kind of sad. What would happen if they actually invested half that amount of money in giving their hair some TLC (Tender, Love and Care)?

There was a recent survey conducted by T.A Johnson in New york city amongst black men and it showed that about 5% of the women wore their hair naturally at least some days. Of these women, very few they tend to feel that they are accepted in multiple social environments. They experienced teasing, taunting, or ridiculing about their hair in its natural state mainly from family members, friends and their partners.  About 40% of  Black men preferred weaves and permed hair. 30% were indifferent. These preliminary findings challenged the expectation that the researchers had and had me slightly stunned as well.  Another article by The genuine scholar claims that White men appreciate natural hair more.

Why can’t we feel beautiful in our own skin? What’s wrong with rocking the natural look? I am an advocate for women appreciating themselves more in the natural state and being comfortable with who they are. Have our men become so desensitised that they no longer appreciate the symbolic and beauty that natural African hair excudes?

So guys, what do you really think about natural hair? Does it mean more to you how a woman rocks her hair or are you indifferent? Please give honest answers! Say it as it is for you.


5 thoughts on “What do Men really think about natural hair?” by Deborah Ekechukwu (@Jesusmyhope)

  1. Beauty is the main thing; whatever works for a woman is ideal. Some women have ‘not-too-good-looking’ natural hair, and its better when hidden–what! some women are bald oh! Personally I prefer natural hair, if long and full.

  2. @Jesusmyhope, this is a very interesting topic. I live in Miami and I have noticed that natural hair is coming back. I see more ladies rocking their hair nowdays than I used to see before. It is always hard to be among the first because people tend to look and stare. I have encouraged my two girls since they were little to show their natural hair. The oldest one (she is 14 now) was very reluctant at first. She would never let her hair out in public and she would ask me about every day why her hair couldn’t be straight. It took years of telling her that she is beautiful for her to finally accept her hair the way it is. I even wrote a poem about it. I think there is a lot of pressure on women in the US to have their hair permed or wear a wig or weave. Especially in the work place. Perming too often damages hair. Also the issue with braids is that they are usually very tight and it causes a lot of damage to the scalp. I have seen a lot of women at church who have at least an inch of receding hairline because of years of abuse on their hair. I think it will take time for women to accept their own beauty, aside from the beauty standards pressure of fashion magazines and society in general. I do have hope though as more women have decided to stand up and take the matter in their own hands. Thanks for bringing up this topic.

  3. considering the coarse texture of our hair in this part of the world, people won’t leave their hair bushy and unkempt. you can leave a permed hair for weeks without braids but when you try that with natural hair, the result won’t be funny at all. it becomes lock and difficult to comb. I must also add that not all ladies can maintain that natural hair, especially those with short length. Keeping natural hair seems trendy nowadays, I tried it but now I’m searching for some texturizer to make it comb-friendly.

  4. Yaaay. As a natural hair girl myself, wish I could post a picture. All throughout high school I had natural long hair but it was relaxed hair and I depended on my mother to maintain it. Which she did with all her dime. As I grew older, the necessity for weaves and wig grew because that’s all your other friends have on their head and it’s pretty easy for them to grab hold of a guy’s attention.

    While in college when really I should be looking for a boyfriend, I decided to cut my hair. Not everyone including guys liked it but they don’t even know how much more healthier my hair is now. My hair is not coarse, black girls can have soft natural hair too. It just means acquiring the right hair products which I have to say is expensive.

    Is the guy dating my hair or me?

  5. I prefer natural hair to any artificially created hair. While I’m not hands in glove with those hairstyles or hairdos that look too artificial, I’d not been irate with a moderately artificial hair…

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