Love Like A Fairytale (Finale/Episode 7: Farewell)


Episode 7: Farewell

Its been three months now, and the court proceedings are still on going. Nkiru has been admitted willingly into a mental hospital and she attends the court’s trial sessions from there.

Mama’s health has worsened and everyone has gotten to know that she has an inoperable cancer of the brain.

Nneka’s husband and son are abroad now and she plans to join them as soon as the court proceedings are over. The images of Nonso’s death has scarred her son seriously and he needs all the professional shrink he can get before he attains the the age of ten.

Tayo hasn’t been seen or heard from since, they suppose he is dead but he actually has been on the run from Kachi’s minions. He’s the star witness and the only solid evidence that can connect him to the case.

Anwuli in her defence said she killed Nonso because she couldn’t bear for Kachi to have some sort of peace in his life in the form of a love child after he had wasted her fruitful years in the name of marriage. She had a private investigator track down Kachi. She pleaded guilty and was remoreseful.

Kachi pleaded not guilty to every accusation, denying the existence or hiring of any con artist.

The court had just finished recalling the progress so far on the case and was adjourned for a final hearing next month. As Kachi and Anwuli were been led out of the docks to the exit of the court room, mama pulled out a gun and shot the both of them to an instant death, and willingly stretched out her hands to be handcuffed.

Her cancer had gotten to the terminal stage and she had less than a month to live on intensive drug intake and chemotherapy. She felt this was the best gift a mother can give to her child to get revenge and by sacrificing her life she hopes that her daughter Nkiru will find some form of peace and comfort.

The end.

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  2. Thanks for staying till the end @mbanefo , I appreciate you

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    Nice but it felt too much like a summary or was that yr intent? I wanted to be showed all these things that happened.. But you only told me.. Enjoyed the story till the end sha.. Hope to read more from u

  5. @screamingviola , thanks for following till the end, and yes, the summary feel was intended for the finale.

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