Love Like A Fairytale (Episode 6: Deeds of the past)


Episode 6: Deeds of the past

Tayo left without a reply.

Nk couldn’t sleep throughout the rest of the night. The morning saw something new appear on her face. It was hope.

She got the number of a private investigator from Amaka. She always knows someone who knows whom you need for a particular job. The investigator’s job was to locate Kachi’s home address for her, she was certain he was the one that had Nonso. If there was one thing she knew about Tayo in all their years of false relationship, it was how to identity the truth from his spoken words no matter how hard he tried to hide it.

In two days he had gotten an address for her. Kachi lived in Cotonou, but she didn’t mind going there to get her son. Her new countenance scared and excited her mum and sister, they were filled with mixed feelings because she was different and a woman with a vendetta who wants to pay her ex a visit, this never ends well.

They were skeptic and Nneka volunteered to go with her.

On arriving at his gate Nkiru presses Nneka to let her go in alone and if after thirty minutes she wasn’t out she could come in to get her.

On coming face to face with the man who supposedly wanted to destroy her life years ago, Nk didn’t waste time in challenging Kachi to produce her son. He beats around the bush before admitting he took Nonso because Nk had him all to herself for the past eleven years and that he wanted his flesh and blood back, and refused to waiver in his resolve to not give Nonso back to his mother.

Nk brandishes a gun she had procured with the help of her private investigator, and aims it at Kachi who still doesn’t budge.

Nk pulls the trigger.

Kachi falls to the floor. She goes into the room calling out Nonso who ran towards the sound of his mother’s voice, they leave together. In the car, Nk doesn’t give Nneka any detail on what transpired with Kachi. All she said was, “I’ve done a very bad thing”.


Kachi stands up unaided. The gunshot only gave him a flesh wound at a no danger zone. He brought out his first aid kit to seal up his wound. His mind began to fly and wander in thoughts. Upon all his money he had no wife and now he has lost the only son he has got. His life was very empty and Nonso was the only thing and only person he knows worth fighting for.

His wife Anwuli left him because he strung her along for ten years without a child continuously blaming her while knowing that it was his fault because he has low sperm count. She left him the moment the deception came to light and that he had a lot of side-chicks of which Nk was one. His rejected love child was his only hope of experiencing the joy of father hood and he wasn’t ready to back down without a fight.

A month later…

Since Nk got Nonso back. She doesn’t let him out of her sight. Even though Abuja is relatively safer than Lagos, she still fears the return of Kachi and her fears were not unfounded.

One Sunday evening, while she, Nonso, Nneka and Nneka’s five years old son were taking an evening stroll around their estate, Kachi who has been tracking them down for the past one month, drove in suddenly, alighted from his car, and held them all at gun point.

I want my son back or I’ll shoot you Nkiru. You can’t take away the only thing I care about in his world from me, making it clear he wasn’t here to joke. While the slight scuffle and arguments continued, a jeep in high speed hits Nonso, sending him flying feets away and cracking his skull open.

He dies on the spot.

Kachi looks at the driver and screams “Anwuli, what have you done”.

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