Love like a fairytale (Episode 5: Repentance)


Episode 5: Repentance

Amaka was on her way back from the babalawo she had gone to see at Ogun state who was recommended by a friend to help with the situation happening in her best friend’s life. She had left his shrine dejectedly because he couldn’t tell her anything solid on how to locate Tayo and Nonso. He only said she should go home now, not knowing he meant she will come face to face with the source of their sadness.

She kept screaming for people to help hold the kidnapper and possible ritualist standing a distance away from her. In the pandemonium that followed she couldn’t find Tayo anymore. She brought out her phone and dialed Nk to tell her what had happened but Nk didn’t want to hear anymore. Nneka took the phone from her and concluded the call with Amaka.

Nneka dropped the phone by the side of a less concerned Nkiru and went to their mother’s room to share her fear concerning Nk’s mental health. Mama began to cry, cursing her enemies for her recent sorrows, she didn’t spare Tayo, and cursed the day she encouraged his advances to date her daughter.

‘She didn’t want to, I made her date him. I made her marry him, so all these is my fault’, she cried uncontrollably.

Nneka consoled and begged Mama to not lose it also. ‘You’re my rock now mama, do not let me down and also remember your own declining health. I don’t want to lose you sooner than I have to, Mama please’, she begged.
Mama promised to continue been strong for Nk. They cannot afford to lose concentration of what matters most now, which is finding Nonso.

Later that night…

Nk felt a tap on her back. After thirty minutes of fruitlessly searching, she’s been finally able to catch a glimpse of true sleep. Her eyes flutter, she looked up and saw Tayo standing before her. She jumped up with a strange strength, and held him by the collar of his shirt. She wanted to shout, but could not find the voice nor the strength to do so.

She’s broken in spirit and in the physical.

‘Where’s my son Tayo?. Give me back my boy’, she asks and demands almost instantaneously. She began to cry. ‘What are you doing here if not to return my son that you stole from me’, she inquires with a pleading tone.

‘I came to give you some insight that I may find some sort of inner peace’, he replied.

‘I’m a con artist and I was paid handsomely by someone to implant myself into your life for the soul purpose of taking your son away from you after earning your trust. I’m a professional and I was never in love with you. This heart to heart is to clear the air concerning where we ever stood’, he added and made a move to leave through the window which he came in from.

‘Who paid you, who wants my son? Is it Kachi, is it his father?’, Nk asked.

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