Let it be known

Let it be known

I promise true faithfulness to my fathers,
Believing all they might have said
Be it true or false.

Let it be known to my brothers;
This suffering is for now,
This craziness is for now ,
My continuous failure is for my better tomorrow,
I will fail thousands of times
But a single success will make up for all.

Let it be known
To Atatafuwa(my sisters),
This cunning world is not for the strong,
Not for the stringent,
Not for the abled nor disabled,
But, for her;
the kind hearted,
For her motherly love,
Her unending quest for my survival.

Let it be known
By my own, olowo ori mi(my daughters)
Heavy pockets is Not riches,
Mouthful of words
Same as empty pockets,
Look not his lifestyle,
But his true character,
Follow the path of your mother
And your man shall be yours forever.

Let it be known;
Friends exists,
Death steals,
River dries,
A lad become a boy
And a boy become a man.

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