Iwalewa II

Hello Everyone! If you missed the first installment, please check it out (click here) before proceeding, thank you! Enjoy!
The rest of the night was busy, it seemed like there was a food shortage in every other restaurant so people decided to find refuge at this one Wendy’s. I ran back and forth from the cash register to the fry station to hassling the sandwich makers for my orders. And the impatient hungry customers didn’t make matters any better. Complaints were endless “I said no pickles on my sandwich!”“I asked for extra mayo!“…”My fries are cold, can I get a fresh batch!“...”You people don’t know what you’re doing back there, where’s your manager?”
It was 9:00 pm and I was close to pulling out my hair strand by strand. Things had slowed down a bit so I was able to catch my breath. My coworker Ashley was finally able to take her 30 minute break so I took her place at the drive thru window. In the middle of a big yawn, an all black range rover sport with tinted windows pulled up. The driver’s window rolled down slowly and a dark skinned middle age man smiled at me while showcasing his gold plated teeth. 
“Good evening, what can I get for you tonight?”
“Your number with a soda on the side” he responded with a smirk on his face.
I couldn’t hide my annoyance, “I’m sorry but that’s not available.”
At that moment the back window rolls down with a light skin man with waves for days on display.
“Why you frontin’ on my boy shawty? He got bread, ain’t that what you chicks want?”
“Check out his fly ride!”
I was appalled, It took all that was within me to restrain my tongue.
“I could careless about his money”I rolled my eyes at him.
I turned back to face Mr. Black and shine and said, “I’m sorry sir, if you’re not here to order food then I can’t help you.” My tone was far from friendly.
The driver looked shocked, he squirmed. His ego was crushed. I wanted to laugh but decided to play it cool.
The passenger in the back rolled up the window without saying a word.
I starred at the driver square in the eye, “So, what is it gonna be.”
He stumbled on his words, “Umm umm, just…just gimme two number ones with cheese.”
“What will you like to drink?”
“One coke and one sprit.”
“Does that complete your order?”
He turns to the passenger seat, “What do you want?”
Then he looks back at me, “Let me get two spicy chicken sandwiches and a large frosty.”
“Is that all?”
“Your total is $14.75.”
He handed me a $20 bill and I give him his change. And proceeded to get his food together and handed it to him.
Before he pulled off, the back seat window comes down again.
With fury in eyes and the smell of marijuana filling the space between us, Mr. Light skin and waves said “You’ll gonna regret what you just did, slut!”
Someone in the car yelled out “Yo Dwayne, chill son.”
Then the car sped off.
I was shocked, fear grasped me and I felt like I was chocking. The look in his eyes were so demonic. 
“Iwalewa! You okay? you look like you saw a ghost.” 
Ashley forgot her earphones and came back to get them. She had 15 minutes left for her break.
“Umm yeah…thanks”
“You sure?”
With one eyebrow raised she said “Hmm…ok.”
I snapped out of it and brushed it off as an empty threat. I continued to take orders at the drive thru until Ashley returned from her break. 
It was now 10:00 pm, finally the end had come. We locked the doors and began to clean up. By 10:45 pm everyone had shut down their stations and we were good to go. I usually walked with my friend Ryan because he lived on Atlantic Avenue also, but he was off of work today. 
Sarah asked me to wait for her but she was taking too long to get ready and I was exhausted. She was going clubbing and had to layer her face with make up and drown her body with perfume to get rid of the french fry smell. I couldn’t be bothered.
“Sarah, I gotta go. You’re taking too long.”
“Iwalewa, I promise I’m almost done just gimme 10 minutes. I don’t wanna walk alone!”
“You said that 10 minutes ago, I’m tired.”
“It is not safe for either one of us to walk alone.”
“The longer you take, the more unsafe it becomes Sarah.”
“I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Aight it’s cool, get home safe.”
I called my supervisor to go through the normal routine of her checking our bags to ensure that we didn’t steal any food. I was good so she opened the door to let me out. I walked out the door and suddenly felt the need to go back. But I couldn’t figure out why, I checked to make sure that I had all my stuff and proceeded to walk.
The cold air slapped me in the face, I pulled my hoodie tighter and adjusted my neck scarf. My phone rang, I managed to pull it out of my pocket and saw that it was my brother Kole. He probably wanted a burger or something and I couldn’t be bothered. It was now 11:22 pm. I threw my phone in my bag. It rang 3 more times but I didn’t bother to check who was calling, it was too cold and I wanted to retain the warmth that my hands received from within my pockets. I just wanted to hop in the dollar cab at the next block and answer my bed that had been calling me.
Something kept nudging me to stop and check my phone but I decided to wait until I got in the cab. I took two more steps and suddenly an all black Lincoln town car stops in front of me. I stood frozen in my tracks trying to comprehend what was going on.
And then I saw him, but this time he was the driver. 
“Remember me? Ms. Sassy.” Mr. Light skin with waves asked with a loud laugh.
“What do you want from me? Leave me alone!” I responded.
I looked around and there was no one in sight. The other side of the street was a dead end.
“Today is your lucky day beautiful”
“Come on, let’s go for a ride. I promise I’ll take it slow.”
“Nooooo….leave me alone” I yelled at the top of my lungs.
“Ain’t no one gonna hear you, I waited all night for you. You’re all mine boo.”
Tears began to fall from my eyes, my heart started beating uncontrollably. This couldn’t be happening. He stepped out of the car followed by two other guys from the backseat and they began to walk towards me with mischievous looks. 
I suddenly transformed into a dramatic character out of a Nollywood movie, with my right hand on my head I began to shout “Ori mi o…I am finished…e gba mi o…temi ba mi…see my life.” (Translation: {Yoruba} Help me…It’s over for me…My life is over)

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