Its Your Day

The hills were shrouded
In mist
Her hips stiffened in pains
The kicking and bouncing
Became very severe
Tears and fears eroded
The mind of the bearer

Push! Push!! Push!!!
The midwives all chorused
She yelled once more
In pains
Though all seems to be in vain
She yearned for additional strength
The placenta emerged in red

Today is years after tears
Behold, a befitting creature was born
Define of a divine womb
Her hair well combed
Finely arranged like
The honeycomb

Smiles so enticing
Naturally glowing lips
So enhancing
As beautiful as a peacock
A suiting simile for this comparison
Epitome of beauty

I call you gracious
Because you’re so precious
Endowed with God’s love
To teach and be taught
Generation will call you genius
Today is your day!!!

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