I am

I am

I wake up every morning to stress and a life of unrest
I sometimes get tired of waiting for the bright days ahead, but wait I continue
I walk on a street full of people but I’m all alone
I am a child who knows what it feels like to be depressed
I am a child with no idea what it feels like learning inside a class
I have been deprived of what should be basic
I am the child that never had a toy car or a fancy eyeglass
I am a child whose smile goes unnoticed
I am tired of the silence of the voices that I should hear
I wish I could run away from the stench of this poverty
I have dreams even though I have no bed to sleep
I am a child lacking parental affection and care
I am an observer, refused recognition because of my Inabilities
I am hopeful and strong although you tag me a liability
I am trying to hibernate myself from the hardship life has subjected me to
I have greatness in me even though I was born with disabilities
I am a victim of poverty living in a place called isolation and discomfort
I have been rejected and called dirty
I am a child on the streets begging alms and seeking food to eat because reality is unfair and the world is more cruel and less kind
I am a child whose friends and companions live on the inside of his mind
I am alone, I do not feel among
I am tired of having my palms stretched out like a rubber band extended past its elastic limit
I am stuck with no answers to questions like ‘why me?’ or ‘Is this where I belong?’
I am cold at night with no roof over my little head, laying close to a gutter full of dirt and vomit
I am that child crying out for help, I am that child hawking on the streets
I am another casualty of misfortune, I am a child who knows what it feels like living in hell.

While we bask in the euphoria of the season, let us also remember those on the streets and the kids who never knew to go to school because they had either nobody or no money to afford a session’s fees. Pay attention to the things around you and show some love to these little kids because the world is a lot more tense than it seems.

Happy new year!

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  1. hmmm…. Nice one @mistaantoine
    There are so many good writers here.
    Happy new year is still in order for me, I hope.

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