The Golden Calabash: Omi Priestess

It’s been three days after their encounter with the demon. Omifunke was still not talking to the prince. She was still mad at him for engaging the demon.
“For how long will you remain silent?” Adedayo asked as he rode up beside her.
“What were you thinking when you challenged the demon?” she asked, without taking her eyes of the road. The forest was a tricky a place. They would have been lost if they did not have the guidance of the white stone.
“What should I have done? You said we couldn’t out run it, I had to do something and besides we killed it. So what’s all the fuss about?”
“You almost died!” Omifunke yelled as she pulled the horse to a stop. And faced the prince.
“Ohhhh, so that’s why you’ve been so angry. You were worried about me. So you care?” the prince said with a mischievous grin.
Omifunke rolled her eyes and turned to back to you road. “Do not misunderstand me, you are the future king of our Kingdom, you should take care of yourself better, that’s what I meant.”
“Hhmm hnmm!” the prince said as he road past her, still grining.
Omifunke did not know why she hated that grin so much, maybe the prince was beginning to affect her more than she was willing to admit. But, she had to kill whatever feelings was brewing in her mind because the prince was out of bounds and she was dedicated to the goddesss.
The rest of the journey continued in a silence that was even more awkward than before. The white stone led the way by shining brightly where they needed to turn. Soon, they found themselves at an open stream, the source of the stream was a mountain where fresh water flowed from.
Peace and calmness was suddenly upon them.
“We are here!” Omifunke declared with a smile that showed so much joy and happiness.
“It is so peaceful here?” Adedayo said as he got off his horse. Even the chirping of birds that Adedayo had found irritating the moment he entered the forest now sounded melodius to him. “I could live here forever?”
“Do not get carried away, danger lurks behind beauty.” Omifunke warned as she got off her horse. Although she could not deny how attracted she was to the atmosphere of the place.
“Welcome! The goddess has been awaiting you” a voice said.

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