Echoes From The Past #1

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Echoes From The Past #1

It’s bad enough he has a mistress he devotes his love and attention to but he shouldn’t rub it in. The few times he deems it fit to be home, her presence is felt and it hovers like a dark tracer cloud. She has him muffled in her soul while he’s stoic to me. He’s demeanor frivolous and dallies are the crest of it. How long do I have to be the other woman though engaged to him?

I’m not a statue of liberty or some trophy used to adore and beautify but that’s what I am. A trophy, a trophy showed off at fantasy parties, events and media nothing more. Even a trophy has to indulge one’s attention in sanitation but I get nothing. It’s almost like am invisible….. Heck! I’m invisible to him but visible when he needs money for felicity and grandeur parties, his over-demanding and bearing mother visits, his pleasure in stupor and in the spotlight of the media.

I stood in the doorway, Mofe oblivious of my presence. The ecstasy erupting from his fingers happily busying themselves on his pad is evident coupled with the grin on his face. I guess she’ll always be his core attention. I sighed deeply.

He never has that effortless smile with me, the woman capable of capturing the Mofe I knew must be a charming lady with poise. His effortless smile ends when he calls it a night, it’s probably a common norm among the unfaithful male folks.

I moved to the couch and sat beside him.

“You are chatting with her,” Jane said briskly in a breath.

Mofe jolted spasmodically thrusting his pad on the floor, getting her askance gaze.

“Come to bed soon,” Jane said kissing him soundly.

“Lady? what lady? I don’t know what you’re talking about…..I’m not chatting with a lady…..Dokun prerequisite properties-” Mofe muttered incoherently.

“Caught in the act denying doesn’t suit you, babe” Jane said leaving.

“Baseless accusations doesn’t beget you” he yelled. He waited till he heard her shut the door before picking up his mini pad he dropped earlier.


Jane leaned back in her chair as she listened intently to the director of operation, Mofe in the conference meeting. He’s good at his job, but others have a different opinion.

They’ve been together since she was thirteen, they evolved from being stuck in the friend zone to being more outside the friend zone. Her parents only approved the relationship because she insisted he’s the one for her but they knew there was a catch, her heirloom.

“Jane” Mofe called, she quickly stopped her reverie and lean forward.

“You’ve covered all the bases, that would be all,” Jane said dismissing the management board.

“Mofe, will you join me for brunch?”

“Still busy. I’m not the CEO of the O’del’s telecommunication. I can’t afford the luxury of lunch” Jane sighed at the sight of his rattling keys in his hand. For some reason, he sends adherent messages of his visitation to his mistress. She dismissed the thoughts of Mofe and his mistress. She gathered her things and left.

She went to her company Infinity wine, a wine manufacturing company. She had started the company from scratch, today it’s a company worth billions. She jiggles both her wine factory and her heirloom, O’del’s telecommunication. The largest radio and television channel in the country, which placed her in the spotlight and all media platform.

She traveled regularly, if she wasn’t in some country for her company, she would be interviewed by smaller channels or caught up in endless meetings. She tried as much as possible to spend time with her family but it’s hardly ever possible. With her wine company breaking records as the first local wine factory in the country and her heirloom ever expanding time is a parallel line to her.

At a young age, she took the responsibility of caring for her slibings ’cause her mother neglected her kids in a bid to save her marriage. Her father gave up everything to revive O’del’s telecommunication he inherited. He was hardly ever there the few times he was home. From a young age, she had been encumbered with responsibility and had no time for herself.

“We’ve potential investors flying in today. I need you here Jay, right here not playing romance with that jerk” Max told her focused on his pad, she’d barely settled in. She’s yet to step into her office at Infinity wine.

“Mofe has a pad too but he gives me his undivided attention” Jane said emphasizing on her last two words though none of her words held her reality. Max looked at her immediately, she grinned at her desired result.

“Now that I’ve Max, not creepy Max, beautiful morning, hope you had a lovely night rest, what’s the schedule for today?”

“I hate you Jay” Jane gasped in mock horror.

“I love you Max,” she said entering her office still smiling. Max turn his attention to his pad trailing her.

“The investors fly in later today, but you have a meeting with the grape farmers in an hour”

“No event happens in a flash, stop flirting with your pad and emerge from your surfing haven. Besides Clara does a better job than you” she said putting away her bag.

“I know right!” Tega responded announcing her presence before Max had a chance to speak.

“Clara is a PA to a woman jiggling two mega companies. She’s worn out because she’s exhausted and you’re not helping it. In my defense, I make a better PA and my position in Infinity wine testifies of it” Max said defensively.

“Note that Jay, next point,” Tega said amidst laughter, Jane joined in her laughter. Tega stopped abruptly then stared at her, Max also stared at her. Jane stiffened her laughter, she looked at Tega who was sitting across then at Max who leaned on the wall and back at Tega.

“What’s wrong?” Jane asked.

“Just taking a mental picture of this moment” Max mumbled.

“It’s been a forever you smiled or laughed, I miss it,” Tega said.


Tega entered the house, she met Max watching a movie. She kicked off her shoes and slump into the sofa beside him, he seem distant. She nudged softly, he snapped out of his reminisce.

“Stop reminiscing your crush,” Tega said, Max gave her a stern look.

“You’re supposed to sleep over at Jay’s”

“Apparently her soon to be mother in law is having dinner in her home and for some reason I can’t be there” Tega said making imaginary quotes on mother in law. Max snuggled with her on the sofa and squeezed her hand gently.

“Jay loves him, we need to respect that”

“Speaking of love, when will you tell me who your crush is” She said with a glittery look.

“In your dreams. Stop poking” he said glancing at her briefly before turning his attention to the movie, he merely stared at it but his mind was occupied with his crush, Jane.

“I need your help, I want to protect Jane’s heirloom and money from Mofe. Will you help?” she asked, Max gave her a questioning look.


“Mofe!” Jane called, walking hurriedly into the house, dropping her bags on the floor, her six inches clinching the tiled floor noisily. There was no response, she was approaching the kitchen when she caught a glimpse of two shadows in the dining room. She stopped, inhaled deeply and walked slowly into the dining room.

Jane stood in the dining room for ten minutes, Mofe nor his mother said a word. They ate in silence feigning ignorance of her presence. She moved closer and saw a takeout pack, then she realized Mofe ordered dinner. He didn’t cook because she wasn’t home.

She thought of a suitable lie, but none fitted the tense air hovering. She could just tell the truth, she was late to dinner because of a meeting she had, Mofe’s mom won’t hear any of it. She labeled it as a flimsy excuse last time it occurred.

“Don’t just stand there like a statue” Mofe yelled. Startled, Jane cleared the dishes. She couldn’t quite make out the words Mofe’s mom told her son.

‘It’s probably same old words: Jane is no good for you, her wealth has blinded her of duties as a soon to be wife’ Jane thought inwardly moving close to make out her words.

“I don’t know what you see in her Eyimofe, she can’t even prepare dinner. How do you feed? The mega company she inherited has blinded her of duties in the home. She takes pride in her money, luxury and her figure that why she refuses to be intimate to prevent pregnancy that will ruin her figure. You’re losing pounds by the minute because that woman can’t take care of you” Mofe’s mother scowled as she walked out with Mofe.

Jane rolled her eyes, did you ask your precious son when last he was intimate? Scratch that, he rapes me in his drunken state and have lost more than three kids thanks to him but he’s still the perfect son. She snorted and went back to do the dishes.

She went in search for her fiance after doing the dishes. She saw him in their bedroom, he turned to leave at the sight of her.

“I’m sorry Mofe, I was late because of a meeting” she finally decided to go with honesty, as lies ruin a relationship but soon regretted her choice.

“I wish you would say anything besides being stuck in a meeting,” he said leaving. Jane flurried into the living room apologizing.

“I’m sorry, I know I said it won’t happen again but it did…please forgive me” Mofe ignored her, she continued.

“You could have prepared something for mom instead of ordering” He turned sharply with a fiery glare on his face.

“The wife does the cooking, not the husband, ever heard of the ‘African Theory For Women’?” Jane rolled her eyes. Mofe’s hand immediately connected to her cheek like a lightning bolt before she could say anything. The sound of the slap echoed in the mansion they lived in.

“Your duty is to cook, clean the house, bear children and take care of me, your future husband! That’s what African women are meant for”

“Who said fiance can’t prepare dinner because the fiancee isn’t home?!” Jane barked smoothening the pain in her cheek.

“Don’t you dare talk back at me spoilt brat! didn’t your mother teach you manners?”

“Didn’t your father teach you helping your future wife in the home?” Jane rebuffed him angrily.

Jane plopped onto the floor with Mofe’s thwacks gracing her body. His father has always been a touchy topic for him, she regretted her words. Kicks were not left out, she didn’t resist or fight back. Though she had wistful thoughts of screaming for help, she received it like a lamb lead to the abattoir.

Hours later, she laid on the cold floor motionless she felt pains all over her body. She tried moving but couldn’t, she looked at her bruised body, she saw blood gushing out of wounds and stains. She tried speaking but each time she opened her mouth no words came out, she caught a glimpse of her bag she dropped earlier, she dragged her body slowly, shrieking, blinking back tears as she reached for her bag. She fumbled with her bag, brought out her phone, dialed a familiar number but soon realized a shadow hovering over her.

She tilted her head to the side and saw Mofe furious, he snatched the device from her and smashed it on the floor. Jane used her reserved strength to suppress her tears, she refused to cry. She looked at him but her eyelids were shutting, she couldn’t stop it, eventually, she passed out.

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  1. I almost got confused from the sudden change from 1st POV to 3rd ….Its a very very good story. I love it.

    No be by force o make Jane marry Mofe…abi dem don do blood covenant?

    Can’t wait for the next episode.

    Well done.

    1. Thanks for your comment

  2. Same here…about the POV.. I got thrown off balance but besides that, I enjoyed ur choice of words. They were refreshing

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