Its kind of late though,
But here goes…..
On that very wonderful day
I wonder what Mary and Joseph were thinking
A Spiritual child born by the ‘foolishness’ of God’s thinking.
N-o-e-l they must have sang
For the Messiah would be raised by their mortal hands.
And the Amen visiting earth through Mary’s bowels.
Their contemplation would be overtaken by the Silent Night.
Not too long, the neigh of horses draw nigh.
In a manger they had never slept a night.
The strange eastern voices must have made them tremble with fear.
When they saw three men bring Gold, Frankincense and Mrryh.
And singing “Oh come Ye Faithful”
“Yes”, they must have said ,”something is wrong somewhere”.
But then they knew it was right and they knew where.
This situation baffled not just the Gaurdians of the Christ child.
But it did the shepherds and their sheep herds.
For before they said “Ka lo si Bethlehem”
they heard Herald of Angels Sing.
They must have told them of the singing.
“Aaargh”, they must have screamed “we saw the Angels that is why we bring Tidings of Comfort and Joy”
Mary must have been Igbo so she shouted, “Chineke, eewo”. All these was surprising, but after sometime it did not faze her again.
For she knew that was the beginning of Good things and the day our Salvation came, The Day Our King was Born.
“Abeg” Let’s Adore Him.

Merry Christmas Y’all.

4 thoughts on “Chineke” by OlOyE (@oloye)

  1. The Bible is silent as regards the number of men that brought the gifts–most people just assume three men did.

  2. Very funny and a good one at that.

  3. True tho but thanks still @namdi

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