April rain

April rain

Here you come again
After five months of dryness
Farmers begging for kindness
We heard the rushing of water
That sky was shedding tears
The roof could not withold the current
You have poured more than enough
More than what the earth could drink
The playground flooded
Restricting lads of their privilege
Being their rival
You have poured more than enough
Our roof thatch and cry
Great water drops drizzling
Falling like over riped fruits
Drumming so hard
You have spilled more than enough
the house can not endure your tears
You have done us evil
The house is falling and
The fence are broken
OH! April rain
You have discharge more than enough
Becoming an outcasts
Depriving us of our homes
Hold up under bridges
All covered with dept
We cried in agony as we
Are left with nothing
Our riches are swept away
By your so called tears
Your raging storm is a tyrant
To our house hold
We are left wandering
In the great wilderness
You have waged war
Against the inhabitants
We have come without penury
On a plea for mercy
Stop the tears for the sun to shine
OH! April rain
Here you come again

3 thoughts on “April rain” by Jimoh Babatunde Ibrahim (@jimbrah)

  1. Nature seems to be too tasky but humans we complain a lot.
    too much dryness, we pour complain.
    too much downpour, we beg for sunshine.
    nice one Jimoh!

  2. Too much of everything is bad…we plead for modulation…It’s not asking for too much, is it?

    nice one @jimbrah

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